In 2021 the borders of many countries finally reopened again for tourism – with many more to come soon! If you’re looking for travel ideas for your vacation in 2022, then this list with my favorite destinations we visited in 2021 may inspire you:

Travel Ideas for 2022

No.9 – Dubai, UAE

Dubai is a city we visit at least once a year and mostly in connection with another destination. It is a great stopover if you’re traveling to Asia or Africa but also amazing for a city trip during the colder months in Europe. Another reason for our repeating visits is the fact that Dubai always surprises with a new attraction and places to see every time we’re there. If you plan a visit until the end of March 2022 you even have the chance to visit the Expo 2020!

In this blog post you find the best things to do in Dubai!

view from the Shangri-la dubai overlooking the Burj Khalifa
dubai desert road

No. 8 – Austria

Austria is the perfect getaway in Europe for a snowy skiing and wellness vacation in the wintertime or to go hiking in the warm summer months. We did both last year and enjoyed every second! The nature, the food, incredible hotels, hospitality and of course the majestic mountains make the perfect combination for a romantic trip!

We especially fell in love with these two hotels:

No. 7 – Turkey

Turkey is probably one of the most diverse countries we visited last year: It offers lovely beaches, vibrant city life, the romantic Cappadocia with flying balloons and much more! That’s why we decided to visit Istanbul and Cappadocia a second time in 2021. If you haven’t been to both of these destinations yet you need to put them on your travel list for 2022. We combined both of them in one trip which was absolutely perfect.

Istanbul is such a huge and diverse city with countless places to see from the middle age until the modern days. While Cappadocia feels like a fairytale destinations with the most romantic cave hotels and of course the rising balloons early in the morning!

Make sure to check out my travel guides and don’t miss the best places to see:

No. 6 – Mexico Round Trip

At the beginning of 2021 when many countries where still closed for tourism we decided to do a big round trip in Mexico which was one of the few countries which we could travel to!

We started in Mexico City which was a big surprise! The city is fascinating with a moving history and sights from the Aztec and Colonial times. In my opinion, Mexico City is an absolute top travel idea for 2022! What made our time in the capital of Mexico even more amazing has been our stay at the Sofitel Mexico City Reforma!

Next we visited Cabo San Lucas in Baja California at the West Coast of Mexico. It is the ideal destination for beautiful beaches and maritime wild life. Seeing humpback whales jumping out of the water just a few meters away from our boat has been a travel highlight of 2021 for me!

In this post you find he best things to do in Cabo San Lucas!

Of course we also spent a few days in the most famous area of Mexico: The Yucatan Peninsula which has so much more to offer than just Tulum to party. Find out in my Yucatan Travel Guide which places you can’t miss during a road trip!

No. 5 – Maldives

If you follow me on Instagram you may know that I’m a big fan of the Maldives and that we come here quite often! That’s why we’ve been four times in this paradise destination in the last year alone. You can say that after visiting around 20 islands and resorts from all price ranges which were all unique in their own way, we became Maldives experts!
In my opinion these islands are not just suitable for honeymooners alone and other than some people assume, a stay in the Maldives is not boring at all! You will find incredible beaches, the friendliest locals and delicious food, a vivivd maritime life, jungle vibes and a simply special atmosphere! Once you’ve experienced the “Maldives magic” yourself you will know what I mean 🙂

Find the detailed hotel reviews of my favorite resorts in the Maldives here!

No. 4 – Greece

While we already fell in love with Greece last year we decided to come back another time last summer to revisit our favorite island Santorini and to see one which we haven’t been so far: Corfu. This island absolutely surprised us and has a completely different charm then the Cycladic Islands (which Santorini is one of). Corfu is located at the West Coast of Greece next to the border of Albania and is much greener than the Cyclades and has better beaches.

Check out my Corfu Blog post with my Must See Places

While Corfu is perfect for a mix of relaxation and adventures we simply love the romantic atmosphere in Santorini with the most stunning sunsets and photogenic places in Europe!

In this post you can find a map with the best photo spots in Santorini!

No. 3 – Mauritius

Our last travel destination this year has been Mauritius at the East Coast of Africa. We visited the island for the opening of the brand new LUX Grand Baie. You can read my complete review about the resort here! During our last day we booked a rental car to get a first impression of the island and wow – the places we’ve seen during this one day definitely convinced us to come back as soon as possible to properly explore Mauritius. If you’re looking for an adventurous destination in 2022 with incredible waterfalls, stunning views over the ocean and wonderful hotels, then Mauritius might be your ideal travel idea for 2022!


No. 2 – Dolomites, Italy

No matter if during the summer months, the golden autumn or in the snowy wintertime: The Dolomites are my favorite mountain destination in Europe! This year we returned to the Dolomites with our friends and dogs and had the best time ever. The amazing thing about the Dolomites is that it’s is a destination for all kind of travelers and budgets: You’ll find incredible luxury resorts like the Forestis Dolomites for couples, nice hotels close to the cable ways for hikers and skiing fans, budget friendly apartments with your own kitchen or stops for people traveling with their camper vans!

If you love the mountains just as much as me than you have to put the Dolomites to your Travel Ideas for 2022!

best places to visit in the dolomites: The Seiser Alm / Alpe di Siusi in the Dolomites with a beautiful mountain backdrop

No. 1 – Seychelles

Every year there is one travel destination which surprised me the most and left me in absolute awe: And this year our two weeks trip to the Seychelles made it to the No. 1 of my Top Travel Destinations! We visited three different islands of this paradise and had the most amazing time ever with so many unforgettable impressions.
The Seychelles are exactly what I have in mind when I think about a “tropical paradise island”: perfect sandy beaches with countless palm trees, turquoise waters and jungly green mountains with amazing views.

In this post you will find the best beaches in the Seychelles – with map!

If you put the Seychelles on your travel list for 2022 you will for sure have the BEST time without needing to spend a fortune. A travel guide with all must see places and budget friendly places to stay will come soon – but until then you can already check out the Story Highlights “Seychelles I & II” on my Instagram page @voyagefox_

secret beach on Praslin, beautiful bay with blue water
lush green jungle behind a blue bay in the Seychelles, dichter grüner Dschungel hinter einer bucht auf den Seychellen

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