Corfu is the Hawaii of Greece! Other than the Cycladic islands like Santorini and Mykonos, which have a dry vegetation, Corfu is lush & green! The Nature reminded us a lot of Italy with cypresses, olive and citrus trees. Located in the Ionian Sea in the very North of Greece, Corfu has a beautiful landscape with spectacular views and coast lines. In this blog post I will tell you which is my favorite Must See Places in Corfu and how to get there!

Porto Timoni

Renting a car is a must do when you’re traveling to Corfu! The island is quite big with a huge difference in altitude so many places are only accessible by car!
Unfortunately we only had half of a day to explore the island with our rental so we had to decide which spots we definitely didn’t want to miss. The first must see place on our list was Porto Timoni, a double beach at the west coast of Corfu with some incredible scenic views.

drone view over the two beaches and bays of Porto Timoni in Corfu, Greece

How to get to Porto Timoni?

The beach is not easy to access at all! You can only reach it via a boat or a hike which is breathtaking – view wise and activity wise! The hike starts at Afionas Village where two paths start at two different parking lots which later merge to one. The parking fee is 5 EUR per car.
P.S. Don’t believe the signs in the middle of the village which say “This is the last chance to park for Porto Timoni” – the locals just want tourists to stay and pay at their own parking lot which is still far away from the starting point of the hike!

If you’re not only planning to visit the beach but also the viewpoint I can highly recommend you to take the second path (marked with a yellow flag on the map below). It makes it way easier to find the view point. Unfortunately we didn’t know that when we’ve been there and took the first path (red flag) which leads only down to the beach so we had to walk back all the way up to reach the junction which leads to the view point.

The paths are very narrow and steep with lots of loose rocks and scratchy bushes so don’t wear flip flops – like I did! 😀 They already broke after a few steps but luckily one very kind girl gave me the slippers she had with her since she’s been wearing sneakers herself. Without her help we would never have made it to the view point!

The viewpoint over Porto Timoni

After following the path (yellow flag) downhill you will soon see a junction. If you go left it will lead you downhill to the beach and the path to the right side leads to the overlook! You have to follow it a few minutes around the hill until you reach the view point which offers the most spectacular sight over both beaches and bays of Porto Timoni.

Spectacular view over the two beaches and bays of Porto Timoni in Corfu, Greece
Spectacular view over the two beaches and bays of Porto Timoni in Corfu, Greece

The Beaches of Porto Timoni

The water at both beaches is super clear and turquoise with a small pebble stones. But remember to bring your own towels, snacks and water since you won’t find any facilities at the beach. It might get a little crowded in the afternoon but the view is absolutely worth it! But always keep in mind that the way back up to the car will be strenuous so try to avoid the strong midday sun for this part!

drone view over the two beaches and bays of Porto Timoni in Corfu, Greece


If a hike is not an option for you but you want to experience some amazing beaches with clear water anyway, you will love the beaches of Palaiokastritsa. They combine the “European Summer vibes” with a stunning landscape which reminded us of Thailand. Impressive high cliffs and rocks covered with a lush vegetation make an incredible background to the pebbled and sandy beaches and the turquoise water.
The area is directly accessible by car with a huge parking lot and many restaurants, cafes and shops to grab some drinks and snacks. This makes it ideal if you’re traveling with kids. But don’t expect empty beaches – Palaiokastritsa is famous among tourists and locals!

Verderosa Beach
beautiful bay in Palaiokastritsa in corfu, Greece
Agios Spiridon Beach
beautiful beach in Palaiokastritsa in corfu, Greece
La Grotta
must see places in corfu Palaiokastritsa

Other Must See’s in Corfu:

Corfu is a big island with many natural wonders and incredible beaches that you can easily spend a week exploring them all. That’s why we definitely want to come back – our short trip clearly wasn’t enough. These are some places we still have on our bucket list for the next time:

Cape Drastis / Akra Drastis

This is probably one of the most unique places in Corfu which is known for it’s uniquely shaped white cliffs and formations with little sea caves and sandy stripes which are only accessible by boat. But you can still drive to Cape Drastis by car and see it from above. It is especially beautiful during sunset thanks to the location in the north west, not far from Porto Timoni.

cape Drastis during sunset in corfu, Greece


Kassiopi is a charming town based around a harbour in the north-east of Corfu. You will find a large amount of restaurants with amazing views in Kassiopi just like shopping opportunities, cafes and bars and the nearby mountain Mount Pantokrator. It is a very picturesque town and perfect to stroll around and also has some amazing nearby beaches like Paralia Mpataria or Kerasia Beach.

Kassiopi town in corfu, Greece
view over a beautiful beach in Kassiopi

The oldtown of Corfu

Corfu has a very dynamic and unique history. The island has been ruled by the Byzantines, Venetians, French and British before it got part of Greece. Today these different influences are still visible in the architecture. The Corfu old town will transfer you back in another time with Venetian Fortresses, amazing churches, galleries and lovely restaurants. It is ideal for a walking tour with lots of historical places to visit.

beautiful view of the old town in corfu, Greece

Find my Must See’s in Corfu

must see places in corfu, Greece
must see places in corfu, Greece

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