As a full-time travel blogger, I have tested many different suitcase brands around the world in the last few years. I’ve learned something important in the process: big brand names don’t necessarily stand for good quality. It’s much more new and innovative manufacturers that have won me over. And this brand has become my absolute favorite for the most stable hard-shell suitcases and the best carry-on luggage: LEVEL8.

In this article, I’ll tell you what makes LEVEL8 suitcases so special and whether they’re the right choice for you too.

The best check in baggage by LEVEL8

At the beginning of the year, I ordered the → Voyageur Check-In hardshell suitcase from LEVEL8 and have already tested it on a few trips – and fallen in love with it. I was particularly impressed by these points:

The Design

Elegant and unique. The suitcases from LEVEL8 are available in both classic and bright colors and the design is super stylish. I opted for the yellow and black version of the Voyageur Check-In, it’s an eye-catcher and immediately stands out on the baggage carousel. Unfortunately, in the past we have often seen passengers mix up other suitcases and take them with them due to similar looking bags. This is guaranteed not to happen to us with the Voyageur Check-In!

The best travel luggage: my favorite carry on from Level8
The best travel luggage: my favorite carry on from Level8

The Practicality

Particularly large hard-shell cases should be easy to handle despite their enormous capacity. The wheels of the suitcase play a major role here. It is not uncommon for them to tilt easily and be difficult to steer. LEVEL8 suitcases are different: the luggage literally glides over the ground and the wheels turn freely in a circle, making it possible to turn corners without much counter-pressure. Even the walkways in old towns are no problem

It is also interesting to note that many of the Level8 models have a wide telescopic handle, which improves handling, makes the handle more stable and also offers a further advantage: Inside the suitcase you will normally find recessed rails for the handle, which get in the way when packing and steal space. However, as the bars are on the edge of my LEVEL8 case, this problem is avoided. The inside wall of the case is completely flat.

Another plus point for the handling of what I consider to be the best Travel luggage from LEVEL8 are the three sturdy handles, which help when loading and stowing luggage.

The interior structure of the suitcase

As we often change accommodation when we travel and I don’t put my luggage in the closet, but literally “live out of my suitcase”, the structure of a suitcase is extremely important to me. It should have a lot of capacity and the luggage should be easy to organize.

I opted for the largest suitcase size from LEVEL8: 30 inches (81.5 cm / 32.1” high, 42.5 cm / 16.7” wide, 34.5 cm / 13.6” depth ) with a huge volume of 105 liters!

I love that the LEVEL8 suitcase has a partition on both sides of the suitcase, which can be closed with a zipper. Other brands often only have this on one side. The partitions have integrated pockets in which individual items can be stored. And now the game changer: one of these bags is waterproof! It is therefore perfect for transporting wet swimwear or cosmetics that could leak. We are often in the swimming pool of hotels until the last moment of departure and our swimwear is therefore never dry … Here they finally have an ideal place without getting other laundry wet.

interior Check in Bagage from level8
interior Check in Bagage from level8 with packing cubes

Packing tip: The LEVEL8 Packing Cubes

I am an absolute fan of packing cubes – I can no longer imagine our trips without them. The Level8 Packing Cubes set consists of four water-repellent bags in different sizes. One of them can also be used as a toiletry bag thanks to insertable dividers. The Packing Cubes not only ensure that your luggage is always compact, but also that your things stay organized even on longer trips. I have one bag each for shirts, pants, socks, underwear, … and always take them out of my suitcase individually. When I leave, all I have to do is quickly close the zippers and everything is neatly stowed away in the suitcase again. Before I discovered Packing Cubes, my luggage would turn into a mess after changing hotels … But that is now a thing of the past.
I also love the fact that the bags come with detachable rubber patches to remind you what you have packed in which bag.

P.S. By the way – the Packing Cubes from Level8 are the first ones where the zippers don’t break off after just a few months. The cubes are very robust and have a high-quality finish.

→ I’ve linked the Set here for you!

The Quality

Even the most beautiful and best travel luggage is useless if the manufacturing is not perfect. I can’t tell you how much trouble I’ve had with another very well-known and expensive suitcase brand due to broken wheels, handles or even torn side panels.

I have not had a single problem with Level8 to date. The processing of the cases is not specialized in mass production, but in quality. All hard-shell cases are made of high-quality Makrolon polycarbonate from Germany, which is very robust and durable.

LEVEL8 is so convinced of the quality of their cases that they offer a lifetime warranty that covers the function of the wheels, zippers, handles and outer shell!

→ Find my favorite Check in baggage here!

the best travel luggage from Level8: Carry on and Check in Baggage

The best carry-on luggage

For shorter trips, I prefer to use hand luggage only. This saves a huge amount of time at the airport, as I don’t have to check in any baggage and don’t have to wait for my suitcase after landing. That’s why I ordered a new carry-on suitcase from LEVEL8, which is perfect for short trips:

→ The Gibraltar Aluminium Carry On

The Exterior

I love the elegant design of this suitcase! Unlike the polycarbonate models, the aluminum suitcases from LEVEL8 have two openers with a built-in TSA lock, which open at the push of a button so that my luggage is always safely stowed away.

The aluminum case is of incredibly high quality and luxury, because it is not a simple material, but a special aluminum-magnesium alloy, which is also used in aerospace. This makes the case extremely stable and durable!

Every detail has been well thought out: from the feel of the material to the handles, which are not only ergonomically shaped, but also softly return to their original position when released without “snapping back”. The telescopic handle, which can be adjusted to countless different positions, is another special feature.

The size of 20 inches corresponds exactly to the requirements of the common airlines for hand luggage (unless the aircraft is particularly small) and at the same time offers an incredible capacity of 36 liters!

Just like my Voyageur hard-shell suitcase, I am impressed by all aspects of the design, handling, quality and construction.

By the way: This case also comes with a lifetime warranty!

The best travel luggage: my favorite carry on from Level8
The best travel luggage: my favorite carry on from Level8

The Interior

The two sides of the suitcase are separated by two dividers with a mesh pocket. But here’s the special feature: Thanks to press studs, these can be removed with just one hand movement, leaving the suitcase inside completely free in front of you. In hotels, I usually just place my suitcase on a bench, remove the dividers and have my packed wardrobe right in front of me! The dividers can be quickly and easily put back in their original position before departure.

Tip: Incidentally, the → Packing Cubes by LEVEL8 are perfectly sized to completely fill the volume of a suitcase. That’s what I call perfect space optimization!

→ Find my Carry-on here!

details of the carry one suitcase from level8

So if you’re looking for a new suitcase, then I can highly recommend LEVEL8! The carry on & check in baggage have more than convinced me in the last few months and I am incredibly happy to have discovered the brand for myself!

→ Here you find the whole LEVEL8 Collection und offers!

The best travel luggage: my favorite carry on from Level8

Transparency: LEVEL8 provided me with both cases for testing, but this did not influence my opinion in this product test. I only recommend products that have convinced me and which I would buy again!

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This is my favorite travel luggage from level8
The best travel luggage: my favorite carry on from Level8

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