While working as travel content creators the last few years we not only had the chance to visit amazing places around the world but also learnt a lot about photography, editing and which gadgets are necessary to create the best possible photos and videos. Due to numerous requests I’m sharing my travel photography gear in this blog post and show you what’s in our camera backpack!

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I received non of these products as a collaboration – we purchased & tested them all ourselves  for several years already. Every travel photography gadget in this post is a REAL recommendation from my side!

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What’s in our camera backpack? – A Travel Photography Gear Guide

The right backpack for your travel photography gear

To create captivating content in different surroundings we need quite a few different gadgets. That’s why a special photography backpack is essential to have all our tools safely stored and nicely organized.
The → Flipside backpack from Lowepro has different compartments which can be attached in countless variations it to make them fit perfectly for your travel photography gear. You’ll also find an integrated laptop case and can attach a tripod outside of the backpack!

We couldn’t imagine our travels without this backpack anymore.

Travel photography gear essential: Our Camera

The Body

We used to shoot with a DSLR model from Nikon when we started our content creator career but decided to level up in 2020. After testing a few “better” Nikon models we tried both: DSLR and mirrorless cameras and absolutely fell in love with the → mirrorless Nikon Z6 II. This camera is so much lighter and more handy than the DSLR models which makes it to the perfect travel camera while the photography results are amazing!
Another plus for mirrorless cameras: They can easily be used for videography as well.

This camera is the tool which we shoot ALL our travel photos with!


We travel with two lenses which are perfect for travel photography: The first one is our → compact “Allrounder” 24-70 mm zoom lens. We mostly use this one for photos where I’m in the focus of the photo with a beautiful background behind me.
Our second lens is a→ wide angle lens (14-30 mm) to capture more of the surrounding landscape.

The “Allrounder” Lens

Wide Angle Lens


For incredible aerial shots and videos, a drone is an incredibly important tool of our travel photography gear.

If you’re an drone beginner you’ll love the → DJI Mavic Mini 2! this tiny drone weighs less than 250g, is super handy and easy to use. We also have the mini version since some countries only allow small drones.

A better model for more stability during windy conditions and a higher resolution is our → DJI Mavic 2 Pro which we use 99% of the times! P.S. We are planning to upgrade to the newer → Mavic 3 Pro soon!

For the maximum of flexibility while flying and to film outstanding flights with loopings and other maneuvers, a First Person View Drone will level up your drone videos to a new level. The big difference to a regular drone is that FPV drones come with a goggle which show you the video from the drones perspective – you basically experience the flight like you’d be a pilot in the drone. We got the → DJI FPV Combo last year but still have to get a bit more familiar with it. It’s is an incredible drone for experienced flyers but most likely too complicated for beginners!

Action Cam

To capture moments, which our camera is too fragile for, but especially to shoot our underwater content we have a → Go Pro Hero in our travel photography backpack. We already had the chance to capture videos of sharks, turtles, rays and so many others maritime life with it! The quality is extremely good and I always get countless questions about the underwater content whenever I upload some in my Instagram stories!

More gadgets of our Travel photography gear

iPhone 13 Pro Max

The most handy gadget to capture quick stories, snaps and of course to stay online on Instagram are our → iPhones 13 Pro Max. We even use our iPhones for ALL our reels and to quickly edit photos via the free Lightroom Mobile App. In my opinion an iPhone is the main tool for all travel content creators – the camera is simply amazing for videography!


For smooth camera transitions with our iPhones or to stabilize all kind of videos we love our iPhone Gimbal → DJI OM 4. I also use it as a mini tripod for my iPhone whenever I’m filming myself or for time lapses!
A Gimbal really brings your phone videos to the next level which is a game changer in times of Instagram Reels and TikTok.


99.9% of the times, Patrick takes all of our photos since we rarely take couple shots for Instagram. Nevertheless we have a tripod for long exposure shots or when we both want to be in front of the camera.
Therefore we love our → Manfrotto tripod – it is handy, light and works amazing for our camera and iPhone as well.

Personal backpack

Whenever we’re on the road I have an additional personal backpack with me – mainly to store my laptop but also dresses to shoot, power banks, charger, … → This backpack has been an absolute game changer for me! It changes its size with whatever you put in it which is very practical when I again have to pack several dresses for a shoot during a hike.

Photo Presets

Do you want to take your travel photos to the next level: With my Lightroom Presets you can transform all your captures with just a few clicks. I created them for the free Lightroom Mobile App as well as for the Lightroom Desktop version! They are a main tool of my travel photography gear and essential to edit our shots according to my Instagram feed.

→ Click here to check out all my presets with before and afters!

Full Travel Photography Gear List

I could make this list with my travel photography gear much longer if I’d include smaller electronics and gadgets like power banks, external hard drives, lens filter for our camera and drone, … That’s why I created a list with my Travel Essentials on Amazon! I’m always updating it & add all the products we purchase and use ourselves

→ Find & Shop my full Travel Photography Gear List here!

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the best travel photography gear and gadgets for travel blogger
the best travel photography gear and gadgets for travel blogger

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