When thinking of the best honeymoon destination, everyone has a different picture in mind.
For many it’s probably a white sandy beach, palm trees swimming in the wind and endless blue water. But just as different as people and couples are, as different are the ideas for the best honeymoon destination.
In this post I want to inspire you for your own romantic „once in a lifetime trip“ and help you finding the best places for your honeymoon!

The best honeymoon destinations for an unforgettable trip

Category I: The best honeymoon destinations for Paradise lovers


Lets start with the most common and famous destination for honeymoons: The Maldives! These islands are the ultimate couple getaway for a good reason: Indulging in paradise and getting pampered by incredible resorts with outstanding service, you will enjoy the ultimate relaxation honeymoon. The amount of resorts is enormous which means that you will for sure find the perfect island for your honeymoon:
→ In this post I created a list with the best resorts in the Maldives for all kind of travelers and budgets!

To experience the versatility of the Maldives I would suggest to stay at least on two different islands with 4/5 days each. Staying more than a week on one tiny island might give you the „island fever“ at some point.

Bora Bora

Think of the Maldives but with a spectacularly view at the scenic mountain shape on the main island, created by volcanic activity many thousand years ago. Bora Bora is the ultimate honeymoon destination for paradise and snorkeling or diving fans! The underwater world is like nothing we’ve ever seen and is incredibly vivid.

The only down side: Bora Bora is not very big and has only a handful of resorts. Less competition means higher prices and a „lower standard“ than for example in the Maldives. Don’t get me wrong: You can still find incredible luxury resorts but if you compare them directly with the resorts in the Maldives, they are simply not the same – many resorts are already a bit „outdated“.

The → Conrad Bora Bora Nui or the → Four Seasons Bora Bora are lovely resorts for a romantic honeymoon.


How do paradise islands with the possibility to find hidden beaches and to go on hikes with wonderful sights sound to you? Exactly what you’ve been thinking about for your honeymoon? Then you will love the Seychelles! You’re not „captured“ in one resort but instead have the possibility to explore a bigger island. If you feel lazy, you definitely have many possibilities to pamper yourself in one of the luxury resorts like the → Mango House by Hilton or the → Four Season Seychelles while you always have the possibility to go out for an adventure at any time.

If you want to experience the most of the Seychelles I can highly recommend to do island hopping between Mahé (the main island), Praslin and the tiny island La Digue during your trip. If that sounds like something you would love to do, definitely check out my → Perfect Seychelles Itinerary and Travel Tips to plan your trip.

Maldives – Bora Bora – Seychelles

Category II: The best places for a honeymoon for Adventure seekers:


Staying in a resort on Bora Bora sounds too boring for you? Moorea might be the ideal destination for you! It combines the blue water and maritime wildlife of French Polynesia with the possibility to explore the island which makes it to one of the best places for a honeymoon. On Moorea the resorts are not located on separate small islands like in Bora Bora but on the main island itself. We booked a small off road buggy for a few days and did a tour around the island to stunning view points and empty beaches.

→ Find the best things to do in Moorea in this blog post!

USA Road Trip

One of my favorite ways to travel is by car – I simply love the feeling of freedom and spontaneity during a road trip. Especially impressive is a tour along the West Coast of the USA: A combination of California, Nevada, Arizona and Utah will guide you along amazing cities, wonderful national and state parks with a unique scenery and a lovely seaside.

Planning your perfect USA road trip definitely needs a lot of time and details but it is so worth it and will create a honeymoon full of adventures and impressions you’ll never forget.


Another incredible honeymoon destination for a road trip, to go hiking and for adventure lovers is Peru! Wow this country left us speechless and our three weeks trip though Peru has been one of our most spectacular travels ever! Peru has the most versatile landscape I’ve ever seen: The impressive Andes, a unique sea side, huge sand dunes in the center of the country, the jungly Amazon area, bustling cities full of culture and history and of course historical sites of the Incas, which „Macchu Pichu“ is the most famous one. Peru is a an adventurous destination for an unforgettable honeymoon!

You can even combine your adventures with a bit of relaxation if you book a few days in one of the luxury resorts like the → DoubleTree Resort in Paracas at the West Coast.

→ Find my Peru Travel Guide here!

Moorea – Nevada – Peru

Category III: The best honeymoon destinations for nature lovers:


Do you love being out in the nature and enjoy hikes with incredible views but like to stay in relaxing spa hotels as well? Then the Dolomites are the perfect honeymoon destination for you! The hotels you’ll find here are very relaxing, couple oriented and often have wonderful pools with mountain views. Two of the best honeymoon resorts in the Dolomites are → The Forestis Dolomites (Adults Only) or the → ARUA Villas with luxury apartments with Jacuzzi and an Infinity Pool.

The Dolomites are a wonderful honeymoon destination in Europe which combine romantic relaxation, a stunning nature and delicious local cuisine.


No matter if during the wintertime to experience the northern lights or during the summer months for beautiful waterfalls, endless days with midnight sunsets and a scenery like out of a story book: Iceland is the best honeymoon destination for nature lovers.
Beside a breathtaking nature you’ll also find unique boutique hotels like the → Panorama Glass Lodge or the → The Retreat Hotel which is connected with the famous Blue Lagoon to enjoy your couple time in a unique setting.


Hawaii not only made us fall in love with its nature but also with each other! These impressive islands have been part of our first big trip ever and ended up being the location where we got married a few years later. Hawaii is the best of both worlds: Relaxing beaches and a diverse  nature all around you. If you look closely you’ll also find romantic resorts on Hawaii like the → Four Seasons Resort Hualalai where we said „I Do“ in 2018.

Dolomites – Iceland – Hawaii

Category 4: The best honeymoon destinations for once in a lifetime experiences

Do you want to scratch off a destination from your bucket list after your honeymoon and experience a truly special trip? These might be the perfect „once in a lifetime“ honeymoon destinations for you:


One of the most romantic and fairytale like destinations for your honeymoon is Cappadocia in Turkey: Explore the unique landscape, the romantic and traditional cave hotels and of course the dreamy hot air balloons rising above the fascinating landscape during sunrise. No matter if seen from the ground of while experiencing a hot air balloon ride yourself: They are extremely magical and a wonderful setting for a romantic photo shooting as well.

My two favorite romantic hotels in Cappadocia are the → Koza Cave Suites with romantic suites and a wonderful roof top to watch the balloons in the morning and the → Museum Hotel with a heated pool overlooking the landscape.

→ Check out my Cappadocia Travel Guide for the best things to see!


On of our favorite travels and a unique honeymoon destination is Jordan: Visit the famous antique city Petra which is one of the Seven Wonders of the World, spend a romantic night in the Wadi Rum desert, surrounded by a fascinating scenery, float in the Dead Sea and get spoiled in one of the wellness resorts or go snorkeling in the Red Sea. Jordan is a great destination for a round trip by car, for one to two weeks, which combines adventures, relaxation and a rich culture and history during your honeymoon.

→ This is my Jordan Itinerary to experience the best of the country within one week!


The only destination of this list we haven’t been so far (but which is at the top of my bucket list) is Finland. Especially in the wintertime it is an incredibly romantic honeymoon destination to watch the northern lights and to get cozy inside, while being surrounded by a winter wonderland. Some of the unique hotels we have on our list are:

→ The Levin Iglut Glass Igloos
→ The Arctic TreeHouse Hotel

Cappadocia – Jordan – Finland

Category 5: The best honeymoon destinations for City Trips in Europe


One of my favorites cities in Europe, which is a perfect destinations for foodies, is Barcelona. I simply love the vibes of the city, its beautiful sights, the fact that it is located at the sea and surrounded by beautiful mountains, the sunny weather and of course the delicious Catalan cuisine.
If you want to visit one or several European cities during your honeymoon, Barcelona should definitely be in your list!

→ Here are the places in Barcelona you can not miss!


Venice feels like a set of a romantic movie and it is without any question one of the best places for a honeymoon! While strolling through the tiny alleys, over bridges and along the most picturesque canal views – you will simply fall in love with each other all over again. In Venice you’ll find charming little restaurants around every corner and see a romantic architecture all over the little city.

The floating city Venice is located just three hours away by car from the Dolomites – so a combination of both destinations could be the ideal mix for your honeymoon.

Do you want to take romantic couple photos during your trip? → In this post you’ll find the best photo spots in Venice with map!


The city of love! Of course Paris couldn’t be missed in this post with the best honeymoon destinations! The city truly has a romantic vibe which not only exists in movies but also in reality: Say „I Love you“ on top of the Eiffel Tower, enjoy a romantic dinner in one of the small bistros and stroll through the picturesque and artsy alleys around the Sacre Cour.
The downside: Hotel rooms in Paris are mostly small and quite expensive – especially during the high season in spring and summer. But a few days in Paris can perfectly be combined with a road trip though France.

Barcelona – Venice – Paris

Category 6: The most romantic honeymoon destinations in Europe


Santorini is probably the most famous island in Greece – for a good reason: The island is even more romantic and picturesque in real life than on all the photos you might have seen on your lnstagram page. The sunsets are spectacular and you’ll find the most romantic boutique hotels in Santorini with stunning views and pools. Especially romantic are the → Andronis Boutique Hotel and the → Grace Hotel. Both have cute traditional cave rooms, a wonderful hotel pool, impressive sights over the island and an outstanding cuisine!

The Amalfi Coast

Bella Italia is the best honeymoon destination during the summer months in Europe and to enjoy the best Pasta and Pizza you’ll ever have! The Amalfi Coast is a super romantic destination in Italy with the perfect „European summer vibes“. Stay in one of the cute little boutique hotels, rent a scooter or small car to explore all the charming little towns along the coast line, eat delicious gelato at the beach and sip a Limoncello after a romantic dinner during sunset.

Tip: Definitely visit the Villa Cimbrone in Ravello with one of the best views over the Amalfi Coast.


In the heart of Italy you find the area Tuscany which is not located at the sea but has incredibly romantic and charming hotels which make you feel like stepping back in time. The area is not only famous for its dreamy landscape with soft hills but also for the hot springs with healing thermal water which can be found all around Tuscany. We loved staying at the → Castello di Velona – an old fortress which got rebuilt as a boutique hotel with charming rooms and a great wellness and pool area where you can enjoy the warm thermal water and views over the area.

Santorini – Amalfi Coast – Tuscany

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I could continue writing this list with the best honeymoon destinations for much longer, since I still have so many more places in my mind, which we haven’t seen so far. But you can’t go wrong with any of the destinations above and hopefully I could inspire you to book your own unforgettable honeymoon – or just a romantic travel with your loved one which you’ll never forget!

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