Santorini is one of the most photogenic places we ever visited! The sunsets and sunrises are soft and colorful and the typical white churches with their blue domes make incredible photo scenes! Find out in this post which are the best photo spots in Santorini.

At the end of this post you will find a map with all photo spots in Santorini!


Imerovigli is probably the best place to stay in Santorini. It’s way less crowded than the famous village Oia and has some incredible photo spots too! Beside the picturesque white alleys, stair cases and bougainvilleas there are two spots you shouldn’t miss:

Anastasi Orthodox Church

The white church with the typical blue dome offers an incredible view over the caldera (especially during sunset!). The church itself is very photogenic too! But keep in mind that the view point is quite famous and crowded during sunset. Therefore it’s usually empty in the morning until the early afternoon which is the best time to shoot.

Anastasi Church


Church View Point

We found my favorite place in Imerovigli only during our second visit in Santorini. A pathway which is located in the almost highest part of the village with a huge blooming Bougainvillea tree and a beautiful blue and white church. We came here during midday cause we wanted to everything to be illuminated by the sun for this shot but nevertheless we had this spot to ourselves for around 20-30 mins to shoot different photos and reels. So it’s not neccessary to wake up super early to shoot this beautiful photo spot in Santorini 🙂 Imerovigli in general is a lot more quiet than Oia!


Skaros Rock & the hidden Theoskepasti church

The special thing about Imerovigli is that it not only offers a great view over the sea but also to the Skaros Rock. It is probably the most iconic rock formation in Santorini and a great hike! You can either walk all the way up to the top or better even better around the rock to reach the lovely Theoskepasti church. It is hidden behind Skaros rock and most of the times empty with an amazing view to Oia.

Skaros Rock

Theoskepasti church


The pretty village Oia is the most famous part of Santorini – for a good reason! It really is as beautiful as on all the pictures you might have seen! Every corner is postcard worthy and it’s where you can find the most magical photo spots in Santorini.
Many locals are a bid annoyed that Oia is so famous and crowded with tourists. That’s why you can find “private property” or “no entry” signs almost everywhere! But no worries! Most of the times it is possible to find another angle to avoid trespassing or simply ask locals for permission to take a quick shot. Other spots are accessible if you stay at a particular hotel or go there for dinner/drinks.

P.S. What I only learned during our last trip to Santorini was that Oia is not called the way your write it! In Greek they speak it without the “O” at the beginning – just “ia”.

The Byzantine Castle Ruins

This highest top of Oia offers an amazing view over the village – especially during sunset! But wow – it is very crowded and not a good photo spot if you wanna capture yourself in the photo. You might have a chance to capture the after sunset glow though cause 70% of the tourists disappear as soon as the sun is behind the horizon. But anyway it’s a lovely place if you simply wanna admire the famous sunset view of Santorini.

Secret view point

During our last trip to Santorini we found a little secret view point which offers the same view like the ruins – but it’s empty! It’s located on the hill right under ruins. Go to the Old Castle Oia Hotel and start your climb up the hill until you see a little “platform”. But please be careful: The floor is very slippery and steep plus the thorns of the bushes can be hurtful. Only choose this view point if you can climb well and wear proper shoes without small children or elderlies.


Kastro House

If you arrive at the Ruins you will automatically see one of the famous photo spots in Santorini: The orange Kastro House. It’s such a lovely photo scene since the color of the house is so different from the usual white buildings and therefore makes a great contrast with the background.
P.S. You can actually stay in this photogenic house! Click here to check out the hotel.


Anastasis Church

This might be the most famous photo spot in Santorini: The white Anastasis Church with the blue domes and the pink little bell tower. Some people shoot on the roof of the church but it’s a private property area and you would literally walk on the roof of other peoples living area – so make sure to ask for permission before you shoot!
The walkway in fron of the church (where 99% of the people take photos) is closed with a little “private property” gate too. But anyway the gate is open most of the times which allows you to walk a few steps down. If you shoot here either ask locals for permission too or if you don’t see anyone (cause it’s very early) make sure to be very quiet and respectful so you don’t annoy anyone.


Three Domes view

On the opposite side of the Anastasis Church photo spot you will have another amazing view overlooking the three domes from a different perspective.


Along the shopping street you will find some picturesque doors and one of them has a huge bougainvillea in front of it which makes a lovely photo scene!

bougainvillea in oia santorini

The three Bells of Oia

This spot has an incredible view over Oia to the right and the sea to the left side. Plus it’s one of the very few famous photo spots in Oia which doesn’t have a “private property” sign on it. If you wanna reach the bell tower simply walk all the way to the Aspaki Hotel and you will see the spot where you can climb to the roof.

P.S. The view opposite of the bell tower is amazing view! Especially shortly after sunrise when the first sun rays are shining over the hill.

Bell tower view

sunrise view

Bougainvillea View

We found one of my favorite photo spots only by accident while walking through the tiny alleys of Santorini. It has everything you could ask for: A wall where you can sit on to overlook Oia, a pretty church in the background and white and pink bougainvillea which you can use to give your photo a nice framing!

Windmill view

The view over Oia during sunset wouldn’t be complete without the windmill on top of the hill! This famous windmill is actually part of the Charisma Suites Hotel – and you can even stay in it! Click here to check it out!

If you’re not a guest of the hotel you can take a photo with the windmill anyway: There is a little bar right in front of it any you can take nice photos with the low evening sun in fron of the little gate of the Charisma Suites. Check my map at the end of this post for the exact location.

Amoudi Bay

Amoudi Bay is a lovely fisherman harbor right under Oia. It’s a nice place to eat some fresh fish or simply to enjoy the authentic Greek vibes. To get down the steep you can either drive by car and park right at the bay or walk the 290 steps. Be careful while driving: The road is extremely steep and you may need to use your hand break.
For the way up you can also pay to ride a donkey but PLEASE avoid this if you don’t have physical problems. It is a torture for the animals to carry up the tourists in the midday heat.

The South

If you have a little more time the just a few days in Santorini than I would recommend you to head to the other parts of Santorini too.

With a rental car you can easily explore the island within one or two days. My favorite spots in the South has been the lighthouse which is the most southern point and the Kambia Beach. Like many beaches in Santorini Kambia Beach is very rocky but therefore has a very clear water and you can enjoy the amazing water and pure vibes away from the crowds.

Kambia Beach

Lonely Bay at the South coast

If you’re preferring to visit a sandy beach then Perivolos is the right place for it. It is a long stretch of beach with fine black lava sand. Along the beach are many cool beach bars and clubs to enjoy the sunny weather and the Mediterranean Sea in a relaxing atmosphere. We especially loved the “Forty One 41” Beach Club which has a boho chic vibe which almost reminded me of Tulum in Mexico.


Beach Club in Perivolos

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