Again and again I hear sentences like “Oh, I would also like to travel, but unfortunately I don’t have enough money…” – even though traveling does not necessarily have to be expensive. There are many cheap holiday destinations and additional clever ways to make a trip inexpensive.

Although traveling is now our full-time job, it hasn’t always been like this: Our passion for discovering the world began a few years ago when both, my husband and I, were still students. But thanks to research and the use of travel savings tips, we were still able to travel inexpensively at least once a month.

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In this post, I will not only tell you about cheap holiday destinations but I will also share tips on how to save money while traveling.

Cheap holiday destinations around the world:

Eastern Europe

Compared to countries like France, Switzerland and Co., Eastern Europe is a significantly cheaper travel destination. There is guaranteed to be something for every taste: The Polish Baltic Sea is at least as beautiful as the North Seas, but accommodation and food are significantly cheaper in Poland than in Germany. In the Tatra Mountains in Slovakia, you can hike and enjoy views like in northern Italy, but without paying a fortune and with far fewer tourists. Or how about a romantic city trip to the Hungarian capital Budapest instead of a trip to expensive Paris?

In the eastern countries of Europe you usually get a lot more bang for your buck than in other European destinations.

Middle East & North Africa

When it gets cold and uncomfortable, many people head south, away from Europe, to soak up the sun. Dubai is very well known, but at the same time a very expensive destination. But luckily you don’t have to forego a guaranteed sun: Cheap holiday destinations are Egypt, Tunisia and, with the right planning, Jordan too.

You are guaranteed to experience unforgettable adventures – Egypt and Jordan are among my favorite cheap holiday destinations for explorers and adventurers.

Latin America

Latin America offers many cheap holiday destinations. Although the journey to Latin America is significantly longer and therefore often more expensive, but if you are on the lookout for flight deals and are flexible with the travel time (more on this under the savings tips), you will always find cheap flights to Latin America.

I particularly liked Colombia, Mexico and Peru. If you stay away from tourist destinations like Tulum and Cancun in Mexico, you can discover dreamy places at cheap prices.

Southeast Asia

A popular cheap holiday destination for budget travels and backpackers is Southeast Asia. The same holiday saving tips apply here: stay away from the tourist destinations and it becomes cheaper. My personal favorite southeast Asian cheap holiday destination is Thailand. The country offers diverse nature, fascinating culture and delicious local cuisine.

Indonesia, the Philippines or Myanmar are also inexpensive options that will save you money.

Ones you reached any south east Asian country, it becomes very easy to hop from country to country. Budget Airlines such as AirAsia, Cebu Pacific and Tiger Airways offer flights in between the countries capitols for as low as 20€ per person. 

Saving tips for cheap trips

Of course, even cheap travel destinations will offer you many ways of spending your money. 

Because mire important than the right destination is the application of a few simple savings tips. Even supposedly expensive destinations such as the Seychelles, Iceland or even the Maldives can be made inexpensive with a few tricks:

Flexibility on arrival

The more options you give yourself when getting to your dream destination, the higher is the likelihood of finding a cheap flight. The cost of getting to your desired cheap holiday destination will take a significant share of your travel budget. You will often notice big price differences, especially when choosing your departure airport. This is because each departure airport has different levels of taxes and fees that are payable by the passenger.

Instead of flying from Germany, we personally often look for connections from Prague, Budapest or Scandinavia. Often we are able to safe hundreds of Euros, making it worth to take the train or a short flight within Europe!

It’s also a good idea to be flexible with your flight dates. Each Airlines individual booking portal, such as British Airways, will show you a calendar detailing on what day certain flights are the cheapest.

Saving money while traveling during the low season

I keep finding that travelers are put off by the terms “low season” or “rainy season”. But these less popular seasons do not only bring negative aspects. Quite the contrary: Outside the high season, you will not only be able to save money on accommodation and activities, but you will also benefit from fewer tourists in otherwise popular travel destinations.

While popular hikes and viewpoints in Norway get overcrowded during the summer months, you’ll have them all to yourself in the shoulder season, like autumn or spring.

The unpopular “rainy season” also has its appeal in tropical destinations, because it usually means lush nature, powerful waterfalls and impressive natural spectacles.

Even in destinations like the Maldives, which have a clear “dry and rainy season”, the weather is unpredictable. We’ve seen weeks of sunshine during the rainy season, as well as downpours during the dry season. In very few places in the world is there a guarantee of good or bad weather.

Traveling during the less popular seasons of any expensive destination can turn this exclusive destination into a cheap holiday destination.

Traveling Local

There are some places in the world that are considered expensive, especially due to restaurant prices and catering. But at the same time you can find cheap accommodation.

Thanks to self-catering instead of daily restaurant visits, even a destination like the Seychelles can be traveled cheaply. The island paradise is considered a longing destination for most, which is associated with a lot of luxury and high costs. And while all of this can be found in the Seychelles, it is also possible to experience the destination on a budget.

We booked accommodation with a kitchen for our trip and after arriving in the Seychelles we went shopping at a local supermarket to prepare our meals and breakfast ourselves. This saved us almost €100 per day for two people. This way we turned an expensive holiday destination into a “do it yourself” cheap holiday destination. 

The beauty of the Seychelles is that all beaches are accessible to everyone – even if they are in the middle of a luxury resort. This means: Even with a cheap trip, no compromises have to be made in the overall experience of the holiday.

In the Maldives, you can use this trick by avoiding luxury resorts and instead staying in small lodgings or guest houses on the local islands. The white dream beaches, turquoise lagoons and the impressive sea life can be found everywhere.

Travel saving tips for frequent travelers

If you travel more than once a year for business or pleasure, the following travel savings tip is of interest to you: Earning flight miles and hotel points can not only help you to free flights and overnight stays, but also to upgrades, discounts and free breakfast or baggage allowance on flights. It is therefore worth staying loyal to an airline alliance or hotel chain and registering for the respective loyalty programs.

For us, the oneworld airline alliance (which includes British Airways, American Airlines, Iberia, Qatar Airways and many more) has proven particularly worthwhile. Thanks to our status, we never have to wait at check-in counters again, don’t have to pay extra for luggage and fly again and again (almost) free of charge with the flight miles we have collected (only taxes and fees have to be paid). This feature help you safe no matter if you travel to an expensive or to a cheap holiday destination.  

For hotels, we have decided on Accorhotels (which are primarily found in Europe and Asia) and Hilton. Thanks to status and membership, we enjoy member rates, discounts, room upgrades, free lounge access or breakfast and often even free nights.

All these advantages save us a lot of money and make our trips much more comfortable. I can only recommend it to everyone!

The right credit card for your holiday trip

Yes, you can save a lot of money by using the right credit card, especially if you travel frequently:

Thanks to a good travel credit card, we save a lot of money and can also take advantage of great benefits.

We personally love the American Express Platinum. The card costs 600 Euros per year but thanks to the free partner card, which gets the exact same benefits, this price is for two people. And the advantages that we get from the card are worth significantly more. Starting with worldwide lounge access with the included Priority Pass, earning miles, free travel insurance that covers us, our luggage and even rental cars, travel credit of 200 Euros for flights and hotels, and monthly offers that add up to more than the annual subscription. Additionally Amex Platinum holders get direct Hilton Gold status, which gets us many benefits for hotel bookings, as you already read it in the paragraph above.

It is therefore worth registering for the Amex Platinum for anyone who already travels at least twice a year.

→ Here you will find our registration link, with which you will receive 55,000 miles as a welcome gift, which you can use to travel several times within Europe or the USA or you can use the points to travel in the Business Class of Iberia between Europe and the USA.

So you see – with the right planning and a few money-saving tips, an expensive trip can easily become affordable. There is a suitable and affordable travel destination for every budget – go and explore the cheap holiday destinations our beautiful world has to offer!

If you have any questions about cheap holiday destinations or if you have additional travel saving tips I forgot, please leave them in the comments below or send me a message via Instagram!

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