Middle East


What is on our Bucket List:

  • Oman
  • Saudi Arabia

When is the best time to visit the Middle East ?

The best time for your trip to the Middle East is during spring or autumn. The summer months are way too hot to explore the desert areas and the winter months can even be a bit chilly.


Traveling the Middle East

The Middle East is one of my favorite areas for traveling. No matter if you like to explore new cultures, ancient places, unique nature or simply want to relax – the Middle East covers all of it.

Jordan and Israel are great for a round trip since these countries have so much to offer: From historical sites like Petra in Jordan or Jerusalem in Israel to a very unique nature like the Dead Sea.

Turkey has a varied mix of landscapes and places you shouldn’t miss: A trip to see the hot air balloons flying over Cappadocia should definitely be on your list. But also the seaside and the bustling city of Istanbul are worth a trip.

The United Arab Emirates are great for a relaxing getaway. The popular travel destinations Dubai and Abu Dhabi both combine the beach, culture, desert and a modern city life which never sleeps.

Most countries in the Middle East have the Islam as their prime state religion. That’s why women and men have to follow specific rules during a visit. Even so the people we met have mostly been open minded, you should always respect the religion of the locals. So make sure to pack some clothes to cover up, especially if you’re planning to visit sacred sites. Every country has other rules for visitors so inform yourself before a trip to avoid embarrassing moments.


Which Budget should I plan for the Middle East ?

You can explore the Middle East with almost every budget!

Turkey, the Iran and Jordan are great for traveling on a lower cost of around 55 USD per day. In Jordan you should definitely get yourself a Jordan Pass before your trip to save money! It covers your visa and the entry to most of the attractions.

The United Arab Emirates and Israel are a bit more expensive. You can expect European prices for food and accommodations and also find incredible luxury hotels to spoil yourself a bit. That’s why you should plan a budget for at least 100-150 USD per day.