What is on our Bucket List:

  • Georgia
  • Slovenia

When is the best time to visit Europe ?

Spring & Summer!! Europe during the warmer months is an absolute dream. No matter if Italy, Germany or France.
But there are a few things you have to keep in mind: Summertime means high season in most of the European countries. Thats why you should either choose the early or late warm months (April/May or end of August/September) to avoid the crowds.

Europe during the wintertime can be beautiful too! Maybe you wanna enjoy the winter paradise in Finland, go skiing in Austria or enjoy the Christmas markets in Germany.


Traveling in Europe

We really love to travel tropical places all over the world. But during the summer months we always spend some weeks at home in Germany or in other European countries.

If you wanna see many places during a short time I would suggest a road trip. In May 2018 we did a road trip from Germany to France, Monaco, Italy and Austria and it has been an absolute dream. Streets in Europe have a high standard but the toll can be very expensive (except in Germany which is toll free). Every country uses a different system: toll stations, sticker vignettes or online vignettes. So make sure to inform yourself about every country before you visit to avoid a hefty fine.

If you don’t prefer to drive on your own you can take the train or bus between the countries. Both is very common and you can find amazing deals.

Barcelona, Prague, Budapest and Amsterdam are unique cities you shouldn’t miss!

Europe is so diverse – it offers something for everyone!


Which Budget should I plan for Europe ?

The daily budget you should plan is as diverse as the European countries:

For Western Europe you should plan around 70-110 Euro per day and 40-90 Euro for Eastern Europe. But keep in mind that these prices can vary during high or low season.

The tipping culture in Europe is very different than in the US: In countries like Germany or Austria a tip of 5-10% is appropriate while it’s not common at all in Spain or the Netherlands.