Travel Guides from Oceania:

Where we’ve been to:

  • Australia (Sydney)
  • French Polynesia

What is on our Bucket List:

  • New Zealand
  • Australia’s Great Ocean Road

When is the best time to visit Oceania ?

French Polynesia has a tropical climate throughout the whole year – just like North Australia.

South Australia has a subtropical climate with a rainy season from November – April. The Interior of the country is very dry while the East Coast has the most rain in Australia.

New Zealand has a constant climate with moderate temperatures: 10-15 degrees Celsius during the winter months and 20-25 degrees Celsius in the summertime. But remember that summer and winter in the southern hemisphere are complete opposite times than in the northern hemisphere.


Traveling in Oceania

New Zealand and Australia are absolutely perfect for a road trip. The Great Ocean Road in Australia is even one of the most popular routes among travelers from all around the world.

Sydney is amazing for a city trip – we really felt in love with this incredible metropole which has so much to offer: A vibrant city life with incredible beaches, a beautiful coast line and quiet parks. It’s one of the very few cities on this planet where I could even imagine to live 🙂

French Polynesia is famous among honeymooners! And for a good reason: We haven’t seen such a paradise before! The waters are turquoise with intact coral reefs which are rich in maritime life. The beaches are soft and white while the volcanic mountains are impressive and covered with green forest.
Moorea in French Polynesia is also a very famous spot to see wild humpback whales which come each year to the warm waters to mate and give birth from August until mid October.


Which Budget should I plan for Oceania ?

Countries in Oceania are more expensive in average due to their secluded location. So you should plan around 100-150 Euro per day for New Zealand or 70-100 Euro for Australia.

Of course these prices depend on your chosen level of luxury and the things you wanna see. Especially in French Polynesia you can easily spend even a four digit sum per day for incredibly luxurious hotels.