Venice is the most photogenic and romantic city I’ve ever visited. But not all of the famous photo spots in Venice are easy to find and some need to be visited at a specific time of the day to take pictures. So if you’re planning to visit this beautiful city in the North of Italy and want to take some outstanding photos then this is the right guide for you!

Save this post for a map with all photo spots in Venice!

Map with the best photo spots in Venice

The best photo spots in Venice

St. Mark’s Square
(Piazza San Marco)

The most famous place in Venice is the St. Mark’s Square from the 11. Century which is framed by impressive and photogenic buildings. The best shooting spot is right in front of the Doge’s Palace and the Basilica Di San Marco but make sure to be there as early as possible. Starting from 8 o’clock this exact place will not only get full of people but also little souvenir stalls which block the view for the best photos.

Interesting fact: Don’t be shocked if you may experience St. Mark’s Square flooded! It is the city’s lowest part, built just under a meter above the average tide level. So as soon as the water level in Venice is rising more than 90cm (35 inches) above average, the whole square will be flooded until the water recedes again.

st. mark's square in venice photo spot
basilica venice best photo spot

Campanile Di San Marco

If you’re visiting the St. Mark’s Square you definitely won’t miss the Campanile Di San Marco. It’s the highest tower in Venice and for 10,- EUR per person an elevator takes you up to the top of the former guard tower for a panoramic view over the lagoon and the city. The Campanile is one of the photo spots in Venice that you don’t have to visit early in the morning to beat the crowds. The top is always equally visited by tourists since they only allow a specific number of people at the same time. That’s why you need to plan some time waiting in line before getting up.

view over lagoon in venice

The view from the Campanile Di San Marco

Doge’s Palace
(Palazzo Ducale)

The Doge’s Palace at the St. Mark’s Square used to be the residence of the Doge – the ruler of Venice – and the seat of the Venetian government It’s a masterpiece of Gothic architecture with some lovely photo spots in the courtyard of the complex or inside the building.

The entry fee is 25,- EUR p.p. (13,- EUR for students under 26) and you should plan at least one hour for a tour through the palace. Even though this entry fee is a bit higher it’s definitely worth a visit cause you’ll feel like stepping back in time visiting the Palazzo Ducale.

staircase in the doge's palace in venice

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Bridge of Sighs
(Ponte dei Sospiri)

Built in the beginning of the 17th century the Bridge of Sighs connects the Doge’s Palace and the old prison. The bridge got its name due to the fact that it has been the last way convicts walked before they were likely going to be incarcerated for a long time and looked back at their life in freedom with a long sigh.
The iconic shape of this bridge is one of my favorite photo spots in Venice especially when captured it from the smaller bridge right behind it. (See my map below for the exact location) The bridge lies along a busy way for tourists but also locals on their way to work so it’s a bit tricky to find a lucky second without other people running in your photo. So make sure to shoot this place early in the morning after your sunrise shooting at the Marcus Square.

bridge of sighs in venice
bridge of sighs photo spot in venice

Rialto Bridge
(Ponte di Rialto)

One of the most iconic photo spots in Venice is the oldest of the four bridges crossing the Canal Grande: The Rialto Bridge which was built in the late 16. century.

It offers various photo locations: From the top of the bridge itself you overlook the canal with the gondolas. If you want to shoot the Ponte di Rialto itself the best photo spots are the banks of the canal with the iconic bridge in the background. Find my favorite perspective for photos with the Rialto Bridge in the map below.

Additionally the Rialto Bridge is a great spot to start your walking tour through Venice or an iconic gondola ride.

gondola ride under Rialto Bridge in venice
beautiful photo spot at Rialto Bridge in venice

My favorite photo spot at the Rialto Bridge

girl in red dress at canal grande in venice

The famous bridge seen from one of the gondola jetties

Gondola Ride

You just can’t leave Venice without seeing this romantic city at least once from the perspective of a traditional gondola – and taking some photos of course 😉 The gondola tours start at almost all famous tourist spots and usually end the ride at the same spot where you entered the gondola. Make sure to bargain the price cause the offers of the gondoliers are usually very high. But depending on the high or low season you still have to pay around 60-90 EUR for a ride (for up to four persons).

The photogenic book steps

You’ve probably seen the photograph of a person sitting on a staircase made out of books before. We stumbled upon this photo spot by accident without looking for it while a little walk through Venice. It’s located in the beautiful library Libreria Acqua Alta which is well known for the cats living here but it also has a little backyard at the very end of the shop where you’ll find the famous book steps. Make sure to walk them up to enjoy a lovely view over the little canal behind the building.

famous book staircase in venice

Scalzi Bridge
(Ponte Degli Scalzi)

Close to the train station in Venice is a wide bridge located which connects both banks of the Canal Grande. We came here during sunset to enjoy the view from the Scalzi Bridge over the water with the gondolas passing by. The bridge also offers a nice perspective to the church Chiesa di Santa Maria di Nazareth behind it. Scalzi is not as famous as the Rialto Bridge so it’s way easier to have a lucky moment without other people in your photo.

Scalzi bridge venice at night
scalzi bridge in venice during sunset

The Jetty at the Hotel San Moise

Eating a pizza at the jetty right next to the water, sipping a glass of vino and watching the gondoliers passing by is obligatory if you’re planning to visit Venice! One jetty which offers a dreamy view and photo perspective is located right at the Hotel San Moise. We came here shortly after sunset to enjoy a relaxing evening and it’s one of my favorite memories from our visit 🙂 Like all other photo spots you can find the exact location below!

beautiful photo spot in venice, girls sitting at the canal

Venice is definitely one of the most photogenic cities we ever visited and feels like a film set. You will find countless more photo spots while strolling trough the little alleys with all together 400 bridges! Definitely take a full day to immerse into the magic of Venice and find some hidden gems!

best photo spots in venice
girl sitting on a bridge in venice
The best photo spots in venice
the best photo spots in venice


  • 4. October 2022

    Thank you for the tips on taking great pictures in Venice. We plan on being there in November for 4 days! Our first time.
    Your pictures make it all come alive.
    Molto apprezzato !

  • 26. October 2022

    some great locations thanks for sharing – I’m heading there in November also to try and avoid people but by staying there and paying a lot for accom CRAZY prices I can be at locations at sunrise – can only afford 3 days

  • Andrew

    31. March 2023

    Fantastic images – I will be in Venice with my wife in July and would love shots like this – how on earth do you get the shots with no people ? I have been told Venice is rammed even at sunrise ?

  • 7. May 2023

    Looks amazing thanks – we will be visiting in Oct 2023 for 4 nights – booked the hotel you recommended too


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