Are you planning to visit the Amalfi Coast anytime soon? Well then this is the right Travel Guide for you! It includes the best places to see along the Amalfi Coast, helpful travel tips and nearby places which you can’t miss.

My Amalfi Coast Travel Guide: The best places to visit

When is the best time to visit the Amalfi Coast?

A trip to the Amalfi coast can be either stressful or totally relaxed and the travel time has a big impact on it: If you want to beat the crazy crowds make sure to skip the summer holiday season and travel during shoulder season which can be spring or autumn. April until May and End of August until beginning of October do mostly still have nice temperatures & you can really enjoy the atmosphere without experiencing the charming little towns and beaches super packed! 

How many days are ideal to visit the best places along the Amalfi Coast?

To see the best places along the Amalfi Coast, three days are ideal! The destination can easily be combined as a stop during a longer Italy trip in combination with Naples or other destinations.

A famous thing to do is to combine a trip to the Amalfi Coast with the visit of the nearby island Capri. for this I would extend the time for another two days.

Positano beach - the best places to see at the Amalfi coast
sunset view from Ravello over the Amalfi coast

How to reach & get around the Amalfi Coast?

The Amalfi Coast doesn’t have its own airport. But there are several ways to reach the beautiful Italian coast line which all have their plus and minus points. That’s why you have to consider for yourself which mode of transport is the best for you!

  • Arriving by airplane: A famous way to explore the Amalfi Coast is flying to Naples and renting a car at the airport or in the city, in case you want to spend one or tow nights in Naples as well. The ride from Naples to the Amalfi Coast takes less then 1,5 hours. Having a car at the Amalfi Coast gives you the most freedom but finding a parking space in some of the most famous towns like Positano is quite a struggle or pretty expensive if you park in one of the garages (which is usually your only possibility).
  • Taking your own car: Of course it is also possible to travel to the Amalfi Coast with your own car or camper van – which makes sense if you’re planning to do a bigger Italy road trip. But keep in mind that the street along the coast line which connects all small towns and beaches, is one of the most narrow ones I’ve ever seen! That’s why we decided renting a small car is a better idea than taking our own bigger one.
  • Reaching the Amalfi Coast via public transport: A convenient way to travel to the Amalfi coast if you want to avoid renting a car is taking a train from the central station in Naples  to Salerno (all the way in the East of the Amalfi Coast) or Sorrento (the West end of the coastline). Here you change to the public bus which connects all towns along the Amalfi Coast. Taking the bus skips the struggle of finding a parking lot or dealing with the narrow streets yourself. The minus point is that it usually takes longer to reach the best places to see at the Amalfi coast and not all of them have a direct bus stop.

Where to stay at the Amalfi Coast?

This question depends on two questions: Do you want to stay in the center of the best places to see or rather a quiet area & how big is your budget for your trip to the Amalfi coast?

We decided to split our stay: For the first two nights we booked a small hotel in San Michele which is located right between Positano and Ravello. We took this destination since is it first much more affordable, it offers easy & free to parking and it’s a good starting point for a road trip to explore the Amalfi Coast.

For our third and last night we booked a hotel in the heart of Positano which was more pricey and we had to leave pur car in one of the price intensive parking garages but we were just a few steps away from the famous Positano Beach. This gave us the chance to go there super early in the morning and take photos without other people.

The best places to visit at the Amalfi Coast


A must see destination which simply can’t be missed in this Amalfi Coast Travel Guide is Positano – YES it is THE most well known town but for a good reason. Two things surprised me during our first visit in Positano: First, it is much smaller than I always expected it to be and second, there are quite a lot of stairs which makes exploring the town to a little workout.

You should spend at least one morning and one evening here. We tried to avoid the midday and afternoon since this is when the town is obviously the most crowded. Simply stroll around the cute alleys with shops and restaurants and don’t forget to check out the famous Positano beach.

During sunrise it will empty and you’ll barely see any other person which is a great time to shoot. After the sun has been risen over the horizon, the town will be in the sunlight. A great perspective to shoot is either from the sea itself or at the cliff all the way to the left side of the beach which gives you a great overlook over the colorful umbrellas with Positano in the background.

In case you’re planning to relax at the beach during the day: Most part of the beach is covered with sunbeams and umbrellas which have to be rented but on the left side you’ll find a small part which is a free public beach as well.

Tip: Make sure to come back to the beach for at least one evening and watch the sunset. When the sky turns darker and the lights of Positano turn on, it creates a magical atmosphere! After taking your photos sip a cocktail in one of the beach bars and fully enjoy this beautiful place.

positano strand Amalfi Küste
positano strand bei nacht, Amalfi Küste travel guide


Yes there is a town called Amalfi along the Amalfi coast and it is absolutely worth a visit. Merged between the mountains and the sea with colorful houses it is super photogenic and greta for a midday or afternoon stroll. Make sure to stop by the Piazza Dante, its fountains and the Amalfi Duomo. The best spot to overlook and take photos from the city is the boat deck (where the ferry to Capri island starts).

If you’re coming from Positano or any other location the in the West, Amalfi is located just a few minutes before Ravello which is one of my favorite places along the Amalfi Coast.

Amalfi town, Amalfi Coast travel guide



If there is one place that simply can’t be missed in this Amalfi Coast Travel Guide, it is Ravello. It is located on top of the mountains with a stunning view over the coastline which makes it to the perfect place to watch the sunset and enjoy a breathtaking view over the Amalfi Coastline. Due to this location, Ravello is the best reached by car, which saves you a lot of uphill walking.

The most beautiful spot for is located in the Villa Cimbrone, an old villa dating back to the 11th century which got renewed in the early 1900’s. Today it is a hotel, restaurant, famous wedding location and garden for visitors. It is open to the public from 9am to 8.30pm but keep in mind that the last entrance is at 8pm. Tickets cost 7 EUR per person but are absolutely worth it!
You’ll get the “million dollar view” from the terrace of infinity – which is a very fitting name if you ask me – at the very end of the garden. I’m speaking of a panoramic view over the Amalfi Coast which can’t be found anywhere else!  But after you took your photos and videos definitely plan more time to simply wander around the wonderful garden with many romantic spots.

terrace of infinity, villa cimbrone, ravello, italy - Amalfi coast travel guide
overlooking the sea from villa cimbrone in Ravello, Amalfi coast, Italy

Fiordo di Furore – one of the best places to see at the Amalfi Coast

For a refreshing swim and to see one of the best places at the Amalfi Coast make sure to stop by the Fiordo di Furore. This little beach with emerald green water can easily be reached if you park your car close to the small bridge which goes right over it or take the “Fiordo di Furore” bus stop. You’ll see a little stairway leading down to the beach while the beautiful view is already revealing. If you would like to take photos or simply enjoy the beach in a quiet atmosphere you should either go early in the morning or shortly before sunset.

Fiordo di Furore beach and panoramic sea view, part of the Amalfi coast travel guide
the best places to see at the Amalfi coast - fiordo di furore bridge and beach

Nearby places at the Amalfi Coast which are worth a visit:

The Amalfi Coast is undoubtedly one of the most iconic destinations in Italy. If you’re planning to visit the beautiful coastline you should consider extending your time to visit these places as well, which are all located close to the Amalfi Coast:

  • Capri: (50-80 min ferry ride from the Amalfi Coast) We haven’t done this ourselves due to limited time but definitely have it on our list for the next time: From Positano or Amalfi, take a ferry to the beautiful island Capri. It is famous for its ‘blue grotto’ and iconic rock formations just as a lovely old town.
  •  Sorrento: (35 mins car ride from the Amalfi Coast) The home of Limoncello and the next bigger city close to the Amalfi Coast. Here you’ll find a beautiful old town as well which invites you to stroll around and have dinner in one of the many restaurants. Must do’s are visiting a Limoncello Factory for a tasting and enjoying the evening atmosphere at Sorrento Beach.
  • Pompeii: (1hr car ride from the Amalfi Coast) Not only a must see for history lovers! The town has been covered in ash and lava for around 1700 years after the Vesuvius unexpectedly erupted in 79 AD. Today you can visit the Parco Archeologico where you can wander along the very well preserved streets of Pompeii with houses, a theatre, statues, … it feels like stepping back in time
  • Naples: (1,5 hrs car ride from the Amalfi Coast): If you’re planning to visit the Amalfi Coast, Naples will most likely be your start and end point since this is where you find the next airport. So why not spending a night or two to explore the city! If the beautiful old town and the view over the Vesuvius haven’t convinced you already, the famous Pizza Napoli surely will! This is where we had one of the best Pizza in Italy – and even in the whole world!
scenic view over capri island with blue water, boast and rock formations


scenic view over Sorrento town in Italy, close to the Amalfi coast


Pompeii in Italy, overlooking the Vesuvius volcano


The Amalfi Coast is a beautiful stretch of land along the Mediterranean Sea which can not be missed during a trip to Italy and if you travel during the shoulder seasons, you will truly enjoy the special vibes of this destinations. I hope my Amalfi Coast Travel Guide helps you to plan your own trip and create an unforgettable itinerary with the best places to see!

I marked all mentioned place sin this blog post in the map below – you can open it in Google Maps with just a click!

Map with the best places to see at the Amalfi Coast:

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the best places to see at the Amalfi coast
amalfi coast travel guide with map

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