French Polynesia is a true paradise in the middle of the South Pacific. Especially Bora Bora and Tahiti are famous destinations in Polynesia but we lost our heart on the wild island of MOOREA.
Crystal blue waters, white beaches and impressive green mountains invite you to leave your resort and go explore the island on a little road trip.



For a complete drive around the island you need around 1-1,5 hrs and you will have the lush mountains on the one and the blue ocean on the other side throughout the whole tour.

moorea maps


We rented our car with the Europcar. The station is right at the ferry port in Vai’are. This is the same place where all visitors of Moorea arrive. We actually booked a regular little car for our day tour around the island but when we arrived to the rental car station they only had an off road buggy left. It was a bit windy to drive with it and definitely not possible without some shades to protect your eyes but we had so much fun!
Later we were even happier about our vehicle cause it allowed us to reach an incredible viewpoint.

moorea adventure

The lush roads of Moorea

moorea belvedere view

Our Off Road Buggy for the day


A small street will lead from the main street to the left. You will have to stop by a guard to pay a little entry fee of 1 USD per person (cash only!). After that the street will turn into a steep path with some lovely views. It!s also possible to walk up the way but it would probably take you one hour in the extreme heat.

Shortly before the top you find a little space to park your ride and walk up the last few meters to an incredible viewpoint from which you can overlook the ocean and Opunohu Bay.

P.S. If renting a car or walking up is not an option for you, you can also book an ATV tour around the island. They all make a stop at the Magic Mountain Overlook!

moorea adventures
moorea adventures
moorea magic mountain


Moorea is famous for its sweet pineapples. You can see the pineapple fields in the centre of the island as far as you can see. We also drove here with our off road buggy but it’s also possible to drive the ‘route des ananas’ with a regular car. A great way to visit the fields is on your way to the Belvedere Lookout since the street leads right to it.

moorea adventure

The route de ananas right in the jungle


The „route du belvedere“ leads up the mountains of Moorea to the most famous viewpoint on the island: The Belvedere Lookout. It offers a view over the Cook Bay on the one and Opunohu Bay on the other side with the iconic mountain in the middle of it. The street till the top is completely asphalted so you can easily drive up with a regular car or motorbike.
We loved to come here in the late afternoon to see the sunbeams of the setting sun shining through the clouds.

moorea adventure
moorea adventure
moorea belvedere lookout


The Toatea Lookout is located right at the street and actually not very high. But it offers a postcard view over the Temae Public Beach with the Overwater Bungalows of the Sofitel Resort right behind it.



From July until November you have the unique chance to see wild humpback whales around Moorea which come here every year around the same time. We can highly recommend Moorea Moana Tours for a half day tour – especially during the peak season for the humpback whales from mid August until October.

We first went to a snorkeling spot to swim with rays and reef sharks in shallow water. After that we left the lagoon to the deeper waters to look out for humpback whales. When we’ve been to Moorea in November the season for the whales was just about to end so unfortunately we only heard the singing of the male whales through a special microphone and didn’t see one. But all of a sudden we spotted a curious whale shark which swam around the boat for half an hour. It!s not very common to see these gentle giants around Moorea and it even has been a huge surprise for our experienced guides.

You never know what you will experience during a tour! One time you will see dolphins, sharks, small whales or even a whale shark or humpback whales if you’re here for the right time. A tour to explore the maritime life of Moorea is an absolute MUST DO during your stay!

moorea adventure stingray

First we spotted small reef sharks & a sting ray

moorea adventure whale shark

& later a giant whale shark

moorea adventure whale shark

Swimming with this gentle giant has been the biggest of our Moorea adventures!

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