North America


What is on our Bucket List:

  • Alaska
  • Canada
  • Louisiana

When is the best time to visit North America?

For most parts of the Caribbean and the Southern part of North America you should avoid the hurricane season from July until October.

Hawai’i has a warm tropical climate. That’s why it has ideal weather during the whole year. If you wanna make sure it won’t be to crowded you should avoid traveling during Japanese & US holidays.

For the rest of the continent it really depends on what you want to see.

One of my personal highlights is New York City during Christmas season – you absolutely have to experience this magical atmosphere at least once in a lifetime. Especially if you’re a Christmas lover just like me.

For the Northern Lights in Alaska or Polar Bear watching in Canada the best travel period is between September and March.

Visiting National Parks in Utah, Nevada, California & Arizona during the summer months can get very hot, that’s why you should avoid strenuous hikes during this time.


Traveling in North America

My favorite way to travel in the US is a road trip. The famous Pacific Coast Highway along the coastline in California is an absolute Must Do!

A road trip to explore some of the incredible State & National Parks of the US is also an unforgettable experience. We still have so many Parks on our bucket list.

City Lovers will find a wide range of metropoles to visit in North America. New York City, Los Angeles, Toronto – the list is long and very diverse.

The Caribbean is perfect for a relaxing trip to enjoy the sunshine, white beaches and blue waters. That’s why it’s a beloved destination for the winter months.


Which Budget should I plan for North America ?

The United States are not a budget friendly country. Especially in restaurants you should plan double or even triple the price than in Europe. Which also comes from the high tipping culture in the US (15-20%). That’s why you should plan around 100-180 Euro per day.

The Caribbean is a bit more budget friendly – you can easily live for 60-80 Euro per day!

Like always your estimated budget depends a lot on how much you wanna see and your chosen level of luxury.