When it comes to city trips in Europe I always think of Barcelona first. For me it’s the perfect combination of beach, sightseeing and good food with sunny weather most of the time.
During three days we visited the famous sights and some spots which are lesser known. Find out about all my favorite photo spots in Barcelona in this post!


Parc de la Citudella

One of the photo spots in Barcelona I’ve seen for the first time has been the Parc de la Citudella. Especially the fountain looks amazingly beautiful during the golden hour right before sunset. But it’s also a quite famous spot during this time of the day so it will probably be better to take your pictures early in the morning.


Arc de Triomf

Only a few minutes away from the park you will see the famous Arc de Triomf. In the afternoon there are a lot of joggers, people walking their dogs or tourists. But if you come right after sunrise you will have the place all to yourself with the soft light of the rising sun behind it.

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Sagrada Familia

Another place which is worth an early wake up call is the Sagrada Familia. This special basilica is one of the most famous photo spots in Barcelona. Especially the the pond of the park Placa del Gaudi will be super crowded after the early morning.

If you don’t like to wake up early I can highly recommend you to visit the other side of the basilica – the park Placa de la Sagrada Familia – during sunset. The setting sun will shine right at the Sagrada Familia for an amazing lighten your pictures. Tourists are already gone during this time and with a bit of luck you have this amazing view for yourself! The best spot is right next to the dog park: A walkway leads straight to the famous sight and is one of my favorite photo spots in Barcelona.


At the Placa de Gaudi

sagrada familia

The Parc de la Sagrada Familia has been quite packed during the day but empty right before sunset.

The Monastery of Montserrat

For the second day we got a rental car to drive to the absolutely underrated Monastery of Montserrat. It’s only 50 mins away from Barcelona and surrounded by the most impressive rock formations. The view, the architecture, the location – everything is simply breathtaking.

When we’ve been here on a Tuesday afternoon there have been only a few other tourists.
It’s also the location of the famous stone stairway you may know from huge insta pages. But nowadays this photo spot in Barcelona is closed due to the high amount of popularity this place got from social media.


A surreal place!


The design of the monastery is full of beautiful details and symmetry.


The closed stone stairway used to be one of the famous photo spots in Barcelona


Can you spot Barcelona?

On our way back we made a stop at a lonely road leading through the mountains. It’s so crazy to think that this place is only 45 km away from Barcelona.


Bunkers del Carmel

In the evening we drove up to one of the best view points over the city and an impressive photo spot in Barcelona: Bunkers del Carmel is an old bunker with a panoramic view over the ocean, the city and the surrounding of Barcelona with the mountains behind it!

Especially during sunset the bunker is a famous meeting point for photographers and locals. Thats why it’s quite packed in the evening. If you wanna find it empty to take some pictures I can highly recommend you to come in the morning, midday or early afternoon.

But be careful if you arrive by car. All the parking lots close to the bunker are located on private property and the locals are very strict with it! That’s why we parked some streets before the bunkers and walked the rest. If you don’t have a rental car it’s also possible to reach this place via a bus.


Incredible views on the way up to the Bunkers del Carmel

The walkway up to the Bunker is surrounded by a beautiful nature. It’s nice for hiking or jogging while you always have an amazing view over the city and the Sagrada Familia.



Even higher above Barcelona stands the cathedral of Tibidabo, Sagrat Cor, at a height of 512m. I’ve seen this place on a picture and really wanted to come here. It’s a catholic church and thanks to the fact that its built on the top of a mountain it offers an impressive view over Barcelona and the whole area around it!

Right in front of it you will find a little amusement park for children.


La Rambla

Of course a stroll over the La Rambla is always a must whenever we are in Barcelona. Especially during the evening it’s so charming to walk through the tiny streets around here, finding cute little restaurants or simply enjoying the romantic atmosphere at the port.


Barceloneta Beach

Our hotel “Pullman Barcelona Skipper” was close to the Beach so we enjoyed the last hours before our flight at the sea. It’s not the best beach for relaxation but great for socializing cause there is so much going on. People playing volleyball, meeting friends and even selling Mojitos and Beer. The best place to get some sun while having an iconic view at the famous W Hotel. It was still a bit chilly when we came in March but the sun was already intense!


The three days ran by sooo quickly. And even so it’s been our second trip I still have so many more photo spots in Barcelona on my list I wanna see the next time! I can not wait to be back 🙂

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