Latin America


What is on our Bucket List:

  • Cuba
  • Costa Rica

When is the best time to visit Latin America ?

In Latin America there is no bad time to travel. It really depends on what you want to experience. Latin America has incredible beaches, lush rain forest, mountains to hiking or go skiing the possibilities are endless.

We visited Peru in May and it was just perfect. The coast line is sunny and dry during the whole year but even in the Andes region we had a nice warm weather. During the winter months the mountain areas are covered with snow.


Traveling in Latin America

Latin America is a famous destination for backpackers and nature lovers – you can find countless hiking tracks in different landscapes.

In Peru we rented a car and drove 6000km through the country. It has been on of our most adventurous & favorite trips!

We also did a road trip in Mexico to explore the Yucatan Peninsula with it’s countless Cenotes, Mayan Ruins and plenty of Taco places!

Even if you are looking for a beach getaway or a fun city trip – Latin America has everything you are looking for.

We still haven’t seen a lot of Latin America but absolutely love the diverse nature and culture. That’s why we absolutely can not wait to see more!


Which Budget should I plan for Latin America?

For Latin America you should plan a daily budget from 25-80 Euros. Local food, simple accommodation and transportations are very affordable. Just the entry fees for popular sights like Machu Picchu are relative expensive.