The Exuma Cays are the real paradise of the Bahamas. Turquoise blue waters, lonely beaches and white sandbars. There are 365 little islands in total and most of them are uninhabited but others have very special inhabitants.
That’s why a day tour to explore the Exuma Cays is a MUST DO during your trip to the Bahamas.

exuma cays bahamas

Best spots in the Exuma Cays, Bahamas

  • The Iguana Beach
  • Compass Cay – Nurse Sharks
  • Big Major Cay – The Pig Beach
  • Lonely islands & sandbars


From Nassau we planned a boat tour with Hidden Beaches Bahamas. They start their tour at the harbor of Nassau early in the morning with a speed boat for around 10 persons.
The ride is super fast and after around 90 minutes we reach the first stop for the day:

exuma cays bahamas


The Northern Bahamian Rock Iguanas are an endangered species of lizards which live on the tiny islands of the Exuma Cays. During our tour we visited a specific beach where you can see many of these little dragons. Our guide gave us some bread and wooden sticks to feed the iguanas with. They can be really fast if they see some food and ran straight to you. It’s important not to get hectic to scare the iguanas. If you move slowly you can even get close to the ones chilling in the sun.

The boats coordinate the arrivals at the different stops – so there will never be too many people at the beach. When we visited the Iguanas we have been the only boat stopping there.

exuma cays bahamas
Feeding the iguanas with bread on a stick so they don’t bite our fingers
iguana beach exuma cays
exuma cays bahamas igauanas


Compass Cay turned into a famous spot for Nurse Sharks. The sharks stayed loyal to this place after a shop opened on the decks and the staff members threw fish scraps in the water.
Nurse sharks aren’t dangerous for humans and the ones living here don’t mind the contact with people cause they are used to it.
Nevertheless sharks should always be treated with respect like all wildlife. I experienced that if you slowly float on the surface or stand still in the water they will come very close to you and swim around your body.
Nurse Sharks suck in their food through their jaw. That’s why our guide recommended us to form fists with our hands, so the sharks wouldn’t accidentally suck in our fingers cause they missed them with some snacks 😉

Compass Cay is very famous for different tour companies so of course we haven’t been the only ones here. Anyway it wasn’t too crowded since not everyone hops in the water for a swim.

exuma cays bahamas nurse sharks
nurse sharks exuma cays bahamas

Lunch Break

From the Nurse Sharks we took another short boat ride to the Staniel Cay Yacht Club for a lunch break. It’s a cool place to relax and to enjoy a good burger with some drinks before we continued our tour to the probably most famous beach of the Bahamas.

exuma cays bahamas


The Big Major Cay is an uninhabited island which is populated by a group of pigs which live on the beach and even swim in the shallow water.

It is still a little mystery why these cuties live here. Some say they saved themselves here after a ship accident, others say pirates left them here to cook them later but never made it back and some say they were brought here for touristic reasons.
Whatever the reason is – the pig beach developed to one of the biggest attractions in the Bahamas.

They do have little shelters on the island and also fresh water to drink but for food they are dependent on visitors which feed them with vegetables and bread.

As soon as the pigs see an arriving boat they swim in the water to get closer and waiting for some treats. If you step on the beach with some food in your hand you should always watch who’s around you. We heard of a blogger who recently got bitten by a pig.

exuma cays bahamas pig beach
exuma cays bahamas

I would advise against carrying the piglets even so they are super cute 🙂 They seemed to be fearful and screamed if someone wanted to pick them up. Of course they didn’t got hurt but really scared.
When interacting with animals it’s always the most important to stay calm and don’t do any hectic moves. Thats how both – humans and animals – will have a pleasant interaction 🙂

bahamas pigs


The last spot for the day is a sandbar in the middle of the turquoise water. It’s a great place for snorkeling to spot some sting rays and starfishes. We swam to the next little island to take a few shots and get up our drone on this lonely beach before we made our way back to Nassau.

bahamas sting ray
exuma cays bahamas
exuma cays bahamas


  • towels
  • bathing suits
  • sun blocker
  • sun glasses (for the wind during the ride)
  • something to cover up (light jacket or sweater) when it gets a little chilly during the ride
  • camera & GoPro

On the boat they have water, soft drinks, beer and snacks 🙂

exuma cays bahamas


The price for an adult is 399,- USD & 299,- USD for children till the age of 6.

If you head over to the website of Hidden Beaches Bahamas you can save 10% by using the Code PIGS 10 !

This tour was my favorite memory of our trip to the Bahamas! So I can highly recommend it even so the price is not cheap.
Your Bahamas trip wouldn’t be complete without seeing the Exuma Cays with their incredible blue water and lonely islands 🙂

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exuma cays bahamas
exuma cays bahamas
exuma cays bahamas

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