Luxury meets sustainability! The hotel group Six Senses, stands for the harmony of humans with nature and appeal to all senses of the guests to provide a unique experience.

The Six Senses Laamu in the Maldives absolutely lives up to this concept. In this hotel review you will find all the details about our stay at the Six Senses Laamu.

My Hotel Review of the Six Senses Laamu

Location & Transfer

Six Senses Laamu is located in one of the quietest areas in Maldives, the Laamu Atoll in the south of the country. It is the only resort in the entire atoll, where otherwise only local islands are located. Around the island live numerous dolphins, there are lonely sandbanks, lots of turtles and great snorkeling spots.

Due to the rather remote location, we took a domestic flight from the international airport in Male to a local island in the Laamu Atoll. The Six Senses staff on site took care of the check in process and we were able to relax in the airport lounge until departure.

Arrived at the tiny airport Kadhdhoo we took a speedboat to the resort. On the way, the first dolphins can often be spotted.

The Six Senses Laamu has a “No Shoes. No News.” Concept, which is why we packed our shoes on the boat in a cloth bag and were barefoot throughout our stay at the resort. It’s a nice feeling of freedom to feel the warm sand under your feet.

the Six Senses Laamu Maldives hotel review, drone photo

The villas at the Six Senses Laamu

Water Villas

Most of the villas at the Six Senses Laamu are located above the water. The water villas all have the same design, but are available with or without a pool.

All villas are designed in a Robinson Crusoe style: they are made of natural materials, which is primarily wood. Inside there is a large main room with a bed, desk and sofa. There is also a separate toilet in a small room and the sinks with mirrors are located just behind the bed. Next to the bed, a door leads to the unique outdoor bathroom, which for me is the highlight of the villa. Here you will find a glass bathtub through which you can see the blue water below you, a rain shower over the lagoon, direct access to the sea and a staircase leading to a small terrace on the roof of the villa.

The water villas with pool have a door at the shower, through which you can directly access the sun terrace. Here you will find the pool, sun loungers, a dining area, a roofed lounge area and direct access to the sea. The simple water villas, have an overwater hammock in compensation to the pool.

Currently, there is no water villa at Six Senses Laamu, which has multiple bedrooms. Therefore, it is particularly suitable for couples or small families with up to a maximum of two children (the seating area next to the desk can be converted into a bed).

water villa over the lagoon at the Six Senses Laamu Maldives hotel review
terrace of the water villa at the Six Senses Laamu Maldives with pool and sun beds
glass bathtub at the window in the Maldives, overlooking the pool and lagoon

water villas with pool

interior of the water villa at the Six Senses Laamu Maldives

interior of all water villas

terrace of the water villa of the Six Senses Laamu Maldives

terrace of the water villas without pool

Beach Villas

For larger families or friends traveling together, the beach villas are ideal. However, they are also suitable for couples, as they are available in different sizes and designs at the Six Senses Laamu.

All beach villas have their own pool, while the interior of the one bedroom villas is similar to the water villas.

However, there are also beach villas with two or three bedrooms. The largest villa at Six Senses Laamu is the ‘Three Bedroom Ocean Beach Ville with Pool’ which is more like a complex with a main building and adjoining smaller villas where the other bedrooms and bathrooms are located. In the main building there is a large living room, as well as a roof terrace overlooking the ocean. From the pool a path leads to the beach with sunbeds.

beach villa with pool at the xSix Senses Laamu Maldives, hotel review
walking from the pool to the beach at the beach villa of the Six Senses Laamu Maldives
walking from the pool to the beach at the beach villa of the Six Senses Laamu Maldives

The concept of the Six Senses Laamu Maldives

As already mentioned, sustainability plays a major role at Six Senses Laamu. And these are not just nice words, but in this resort the harmony with nature is integrated in every idea. But wellness and the deep relaxation of the guests are also central to the concept. The goal is to throw off any stress and immerse yourself in a relaxed world.

Earth Lab & Garden

In the heart of the island is a large garden where vegetables, fruits and herbs are grown, which are used for the restaurants and in the spa! There is even a Mushroom Hut to be found: a cool wooden hut which has the ideal climate for edible mushrooms. You can’t get homegrown mushrooms fresher anywhere in the Maldives!

In the heart of the island, but well hidden from the green jungle, is the Earth Lab located, in which everything on the island is either newly created or recycled. Here, for example, furniture and decorative items are created from glass waste, new items is created from broken interior elements and fresh eggs come from the chicken farm. The Earth Lab also provides drinking water for all guests at the resort, which is filled into glass bottles. All water here is purified, made drinkable, mineralized and checked daily.

Even any textiles in the resort, such as pillowcases or the uniforms of the employees come from the island, because the Six Senses has its own tailor shop.

During your stay, be sure to ask for a tour of the Earth Lab for an interesting and inspiring behind-the-scenes look. In addition, courses are also offered at the Earth Lab, where you can f.e. learn how to make your own soap and much more!

the garden of theSix Senses Laamu Maldives
activity board at the Six Senses Laamu Maldives

Pool & Beach

As it is typical for the Maldives, the island is surrounded by a fine sandy beach, where there are many quiet and idyllic spots to swim or snorkel.

There is also a main pool at the resort. It is located on the beach, right next to the SipSip bar. Here you can survive the midday heat with cool cocktails and a delicious lunch menu. Unfortunately, the ravages of time have already gnawed at some of the furniture in the pool and bar area. One or the other table could use a new coat of varnish, as the protective layer is already peeling off the wood due to rain, salt and sun.

walking in the blue water at the sandy beach of theSix Senses Laamu Maldives, with palm trees in the background
hotel review of the Six Senses Laamu Maldives, drone photo of beach villa

water sport & snorkeling

Snorkeling and diving enthusiasts will be thrilled! The Six Senses Laamu is located in the middle of a thriving ecosystem. Already the house reef is impressive. Numerous colorful fish species and sea turtles are at home here. This is partly due to the fact that the Six Senses Laamu is one of the few resorts in the Maldives that does not remove its sea grass meadows for “aesthetic reasons”, but even protects them! The underwater fields are an important habitat for young fish, sharks and serve as the most important food source for turtles. The sea grass is in no way disturbing, but rather offers a great new experience for snorkeling. The marine biologists on the island offer free guided snorkeling tours several times a week: Alternating between the house reef and the seagrass beds.

Divers don’t miss out either! The Ocean Center “Deep Blue Divers” offers a variety of dives to different spots. Marine biologists are always present. They educate the guests about the marine life and teach them about the harmonious interaction between humans and animals.

We decided to do a Manta Speciality course during our stay as the Six Senses Laamu as it is close to several Manta Points. It was incredibly interesting to learn more about the gentle giants and to marvel at them while diving and even identify them using a database.

Kids Club

Although we only travel as a couple ourselves, we check out the Kids Club at every resort we visit, as it usually plays a central role in the vacation experience for families. Compared to other kids clubs, the one at Six Senses Laamu is not particularly large, but well equipped with indoor and outdoor areas where kids can get creative. But here’s the special part: Childcare at Six Senses isn’t all about keeping the kids busy with toys, but there is a daily varying schedule of age-appropriate activities that take place on the island. So the little ones are active and creative and learn more about nature and sustainability through play.

Spa & Wellness

Six Senses Spas are wold famous – for a good reason! They not only combine traditional methods with modern technology and medicine but als offer “different” therapies and treatments which I’ve never seen anywhere else before.

The Spa Area is located in the lush and jungly heart of the island while the treatment rooms are open and located in rooms which remind me of huge nests. It is a very cozy and most of all relaxing atmosphere to enjoy a massage. But the wellness area also includes a alchemy bar, where you learn how to create your own sustainable beauty products, yoga pavilion with yoga curses, a well equipped gym and much more! You can fully immerse into wellness throughout you whole stay!

gym at the Six Senses Laamu Maldives

Breakfast & Restaurants


The main restaurant at Six Senses is Longitude, where breakfast is served every morning. Normally we are not big breakfast fans, but at Six Senses Laamu we never missed it on any day! The selection is huge and top notch. Starting with a buffet with numerous homemade dishes, cereals, fruits, juices, etc…. In addition, it is possible to order from a versatile menu, on which both sweet, classic, healthy, vegan and hearty variants can be found! Here everyone is guaranteed to find his “wow dish”! In addition, there are daily new daily specials! 10/10 points for the breakfast at Six Senses Laamu!

Once a week, a themed dinner takes place at Longitude. The theme always changes and there are numerous live cooking stations and a buffet. During our stay at Six Senses Laamu, the motto was “Asian Street Market” and we were absolutely thrilled to try many of our favorite Asian dishes!

Chill Bar

As the name suggests, the Chill Bar is the perfect place for a drink and a meal in a relaxed atmosphere from midday to evening. Since the bar is located above the water, you can also relax in hammocks over the lagoon.

Sip Sip Bar

As mentioned earlier, the SipSip Bar is located at the resort’s main pool. It is a great choice for lunch with an international á la carte menu and great cocktails. In the late afternoon there is a daily happy hour with 2 for 1 drinks, which is very popular with all guests (us included 😉 )! In the evening the bar closes, but several times a week there is an open air cinema on the beach in front of the bar.

red cocktails at the pool at the Six Senses Laamu Maldives

Sip Sip Bar

ice cream at the Six Senses Laamu Maldives

Ice Cream Studio

Ice & Chocolate Studio

My favorite place in the Six Senses Resort was probably the ice cream bar, which offers free homemade ice cream daily from noon to night! There are more than 40 varieties to test 😉

Right next door is the chocolate studio, where homemade chocolates are made and courses are offered for guests.

Speciality Restaurants

At Six Senses Laamu, indulgence is written large and the food is guaranteed never to be boring or monotonous. One reason for this are the two specialty restaurants with different themes:


The Leaf is located in a tree house in the garden of the resort. It is entered via a hanging bridge, while guests sit directly at the open kitchen and can watch the preparation of the dishes live. The menu is small, but changes daily, depending on the season and the available ingredients. These are either from the hotel’s own garden or locally sourced. Overall, the Six Senses tries to import as little as possible and if it must be, then primarily from neighboring islands or from within the Maldives.

the garden and tree house restaurant at the Six Senses Laamu Maldives
dinne menu on a wooden menu at the Six Senses Laamu Maldives
different food options at the restaurant of the Six Senses Laamu Maldives


Zen celebrates Japanese cuisine in a traditional style. As a guest, you sit relaxed in the high restaurant above the water and enjoy great food. Especially recommended are the tasting menus with different courses, which are available as classic and vegetarian options.

Résumé of our stay at the Six Senses Laamu

Six Senses resorts are among our absolute favorites, because they surprise us again and again and inspire us with their sustainability and individuality. Not only the wellness offer is first class, but also the food options: The selection is huge and first-class.

All in all, we enjoyed an incomparable and relaxing stay at Six Senses Laamu, which is simply incomparable to any other place! The resort is the perfect choice for couples and families who are looking for a very special experience and love to enjoy casual luxury and feel connected to nature at the same time.

hotel Review of the Six Senses Laamu Maldives, drone photo of the over water bungalows in blue water
Bicycle ride on a jetty over the turquoise blue lagoon of the Six Senses Laamu Maldives

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