Are you looking for the ultimate travel tips for this year? In this post, you’ll find my favorite travel destinations of last year, which you absolutely have to put on your travel bucket list for 2023!

No. 14 – The United Arab Emirates

When it’s still wet and grey in Europe, the weather in the United Arab Emirates is just right. As a result, the country is largely a sun-safe destination to escape the cold. Most recently, we headed to the → Rixos Premium Saadiyat Island, a popular beach destination in Abu Dhabi. The resort is ideal for both families and couples and offers plenty in the way of culinary delights.

We also found a great spot in Abu Dhabi, which offers a breathtaking view of the famous Sheikh Zayed Mosque. The view is most beautiful at sunset, when the illumination of the mosque makes the building shine in blue tones.

view point at the water overlooking the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi, a travel tip
courtyard of the Rixos Premium Saadiyat Island in Abu Dhabi, a travel tip

No. 13 – Greece

The ideal summer destination? Greece is always worth a trip! With more than 3,000 islands, it’s such a diverse country which offers gorgeous beaches, adventurous hikes, a fascinating history, delicious food and the most romantic hotels. It doesn’t always have to be → Santorini or Mykonos. Especially lesser known islands have a special charm as they are not overcrowded.

Last year, for example, we went to Ios, primarily to visit the unique hotel → Calilo Ios, which simply blew us away. For exploration, we really enjoyed → Tinos and → Corfu!

sunrise view from a pool suit at the Calilo Resort in Ios, Greece

Calilo Ios

Spectacular view over the two beaches and bays of Porto Timoni in Corfu, Greece


No. 12 – Budapest

Budapest is a great destination for a city trip all year round. Whether summer or winter, the city has so much to offer! From the impressive architecture, such as the famous Fishermen’s Bastion, to the historic thermal baths, to a great nightlife and restaurants. At the same time, the capital of Hungary, in comparison with other European cities, is a rather affordable destination and is therefore also suitable for travels on a limited budget. Budapest is without a doubt one of my top travel tips for 2023.

→ Check out my Travel Guide for Budapest with the best places to see!

Budapest is a cheap holiday destination in Europe, ein günstiges Reiseziel in Europa
the medieval Matthias church is one of the best places to see in Budapest

No. 11 – Italy

Bella Italia! For me the most beautiful destination in Europe. I’m particularly drawn to the North of the country. During one trip, → Venice, → the Dolomites and the famous villages of the Cinque Terre can be ideally combined. This ensures the perfect mix of culture, nature, culinary highlights and wellness. However, I recommend you to avoid the high season during the summer holiday season. The north of Italy is rather a great destination for spring or fall. We still had sunny warm weather in the Dolomites in October.

beautiful photo spot at Rialto Bridge in venice


the Lago di carezza- one of the best places to visit in the dolomites - a blue lake with a beautiful mountain backdrop


No. 10 – Europe Road Trip

Although it is not a single destination, it is an absolute travel tip for me in 2023: Travel through Europe by car. Last summer, our road trip took us through France, Spain, Gibraltar, Monaco, Italy and Switzerland before heading back to Germany. For me, one of the most beautiful trips ever. What I especially love about road trips is the feeling of freedom and the spontaneity of being able to stop at any place or stay as long as you want.

sitting in a Morgan old-timer car surrounded by the Swiss alps
overlooking the Cinque Terre in italy in autumn, it is one of the best places to visit in fall

No. 9 – Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia opened its borders as a travel destination to international tourists only in 2019, shortly before the outbreak of the Corona Pandemic. For this reason, visiting the country currently still feels very pristine and traditional. Areas only built for tourists, such as those found everywhere in Turkey, do not yet exist in Saudi Arabia. Instead, you will be able to experience a lot of culture and authentic encounters with the locals. Most of them are very open, hospitable and eager to show visitors their country and traditions. The opening of the borders is a big step for Saudi Arabia towards a modern future. Currently, there are still many inequalities between men and women, but in recent years, much has already changed for the better and I’m positive that more will follow.

huge rock formation with engravings in AlUla, Hegra, Saudi Arabia, a travel tips
sitting on a rock in Medina and overlooking the mosque in Saudi Arabia, a travel tip

No. 8 – France

Our Europe Road Trip last summer led us once from the North to the South of France. My absolute highlight and for me probably the most beautiful travel tip for 2023 was and is Mont Saint-Michel. The silhouette of the place looks from afar like that of a Disney castle, but actually it is a village with a monastery, which is located on an island, which is connected by a bridge with the mainland. The small narrow streets of the village can be very crowded in the summer and especially on weekends, but a visit is definitely worth it. → In this article you will find the most beautiful photo spots in Mont Saint-Michel, with map and valuable travel tips about the place.

best photo spot in Mont Saint-Michel in france
tidal beach facing the abbey and town of Mont Saint-Michel in france, photo spot which is only accessible during low tide

No. 7 – Portugal

Last year we visited Portugal for the first time and we liked it so much that we planned a second trip in the same year. Especially Porto and the neighboring wine region, the Douro Valley, fascinated us. The ideal trip to Portugal for me consists of sightseeing in Porto, followed by a few relaxing days with wellness, wine tastings and bike tours in the Douro Valley. → Be sure to check out my hotel review of the Six Senses Douro Valley. It is one of the most romantic hotels we have ever stayed at.

six senses Douro valley infinity pool with sunrise view over the vineyards
scenic drone shot of the vineyards in the Douro Valley with a girl riding a bicycle in the center

No. 6 – Tenerife

The most surprising destination of the last year was Tenerife. The island reminds me so much of Hawaii and offers plenty of activities for adventure lovers: impressive volcanoes and rock formations, scenic hikes and unique beaches: you’ll find it all on Tenerife! For this reason, the largest island of the Canary Islands is one of my top travel tips for 2023 → In this post you will find the most beautiful places on Tenerife with map!

the playa de castro black beach with a waterfall in Tenerife

No. 5 – The Maldives

This year again, the Maldives as a paradise destination cannot be missed on my list of the most beautiful destinations for 2023. Something special about the Maldives is that the islands are, contrary to what you might think, very diverse. So there is the ideal island with the right accommodation for every traveler. And no – there are not only ultra luxury resorts in the Maldives. Budget-friendly alternatives also offer the ultimate paradise feeling. → It’s best to check out my post with the most beautiful islands in the Maldives. In this post I have sorted the most beautiful resorts and accommodations by different categories.

girl floating in clear and blue water in a lagoon in the maldives, paradise island at the Jumeirah Maldives Olhahali Island
sunset view at the pool of the Hilton Maldives Amingiri

No. 4 – Mauritius

After visiting Mauritius for the first time in 2021, we really wanted to go back last year to explore the island further. And it was worth it! Unlike the Maldives, which are primarily for relaxing, Mauritius has plenty of adventures to experience in addition to beaches and blue water: swim with dolphins, climb lush green mountains for gorgeous views, and swim in waterfalls! → In my Mauritius Travel Guide you will find the most beautiful places and activities on the island.

the le morne beach in Mauritius
Mauritius chamarel waterfall

No. 3 – Singapore

After Southeast Asia has been largely cancelled as a travel destination during the last years due to the Corona Pandemic, most countries have reopened their borders for tourists during the past months. Last year we went to Singapore and we were thrilled! Besides the well-known sights like the Gardens by the Bay, we also discovered less touristy attractions like canoeing in the surrounding mangrove forests or visiting the neighborhoods of the locals! → You can find the best photo spots and places in Singapore in this post.

No. 2 – Colombia

A country of contrasts: Colombia impressed us with green coffee plantations, lively cities and stunning landscapes. Before our trip we heard again and again sentences like “You want to go to Colombia? You better watch yourselves, it’s dangerous there!” But the reality is quite different from what we are told in the media: Colombians are incredibly hospitable and we felt safe every minute of our trip around the country. In my opinion, a healthy caution and prudence, should be offered when traveling anywhere in the world.
Would you like to go to Colombia, but don’t know which part of the country to go? → Here you can find my Colombia Travel Guide with the most beautiful places.

the wax palms in the Cocora Valley, a cheap holiday destination
one of the best places to visit in Colombia: overlooking the old town of Cartagena from a rooftop terrace during sunset

No. 1 – South Africa

My absolute travel tip for 2023 is South Africa! The country has such a high rate of return travelers like no other destination – and for good reason! South Africa has a special magic and the nature of the country is unique. The Kruger National Park, the Panorama Route and Cape Town should not be missing on your travel list. → Here you can find my article with the most beautiful places and activities in Cape Town.

sitting on a rock at the top of the lions head, overlooking Cape Town in South Africa
sitting on a safari car in the Kruger national park in South Africa and overlooking the sunset over the savannah

I hope my post with the best travel tips for 2023 could give you a little inspiration for the upcoming year! If you have any questions about a particular destination, feel free to ask me in the comments or send me a message on Instagram.

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travel tips for 2023, the best travel destinations to visit in 2023
travel tips for 2023, the best travel destinations to visit in 2023

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