The Nômade Hotel Tulum is one of the hippest hotels in Tulum and a Boho paradise!



The Nômade is located in the hotel area of Tulum right at the Beach. This is where most of the hotels, restaurants and bars can be found too – especially the “hip” ones which are mostly a little more expensive than the ones in Tulum city.

Since the hotel area is located in the middle of the jungle you will have no phone connection at all – but most of the places have free wifi hotspot.


The whole street at the beach is the hotel area with many restaurants, shops and accommodations.


Entering the Hotel area you instantly feel like entering another world – a boho paradise. The people are super friendly and everything is designed in a gypsy chic style with natural materials.
The houses and tents are located in a green and lush jungle surrounding but nevertheless you’re always just some steps away from the beach.


The reception area with relaxing seats to enjoy free detox water.


A refreshing welcome Drink made out of pineapple, watermelon and chipotle spices.


Loved the combination of the lush jungle and the beach so close to it.

At the beach you find cozy sun beds, nets and some kind of hammocks designed like a pyramid and they also have a smaller pool at the beach to relax.


The Seaweed situation at the Beach

The beach itself is nice and clean but when we’ve been there in February there was a lot of seaweed washed up from the waves – they remove it every single morning but during the day there’s of course a lot of seaweed accumulating again.
It’s an unpredictable natural phenomenon depending on the wind and current of the sea. No one can really say if there will be a lot or maybe no seaweed during your visit in Tulum.
I didn’t had any problem with the seaweed but there are some people which don’t like it at all.


A wonderful beach but the seaweed is always visible.

Feeling close to nature

You really feel close to nature in this hotel which reminds us more like a village of likeminded people – it totally reflects the Tulum vibes. The Nômade staff os doing the best they can to be as sustainable as possible – f.e. they forgo any single use plastic and have countless plant based food options.

If you wanna explore the area or wanna go to Tulum City (which is a 20-30 mins bicycle ride away) you can rent some bicycles for free.

In the evening they light up candles everywhere which gives the place an even more magical touch.
They have live music every evening, free yoga sessions several times a day and other free sessions changing daily.
The Nômade is all about meeting people and finding yourself.


In “Gratitude Tent” you can participate at different events which are free for hotel guests.

The Room

Our “room” was actually a tent called “deluxe tent”.  It really had the charm of an explorer tent and I felt like Indiana Jones sleeping here.


The private outdoor area

We had a small outside area to sit, work and relax which was open but still private. You enter the tent via a sliding door which of course can be locked from the inside or with a key from the outside.


Sleeping in a Deluxe Tent

The tent is arranged as a one-room concept – you have a huge bed, closet, sitting bags, a table and a mirror. Everything is designed in the same Boho style like the whole hotel. Of course there’s also an AC installed – otherwise it would be uncomfortable to sleep in the warm and humid nights.
You’ll find one glass bottle with drinking water in your room which will be replaced for free whenever you want a new one.

If you don’t wanna sleep in a tent, you can book one of the beach bungalows of the Nômade.


The outdoor bathroom

Through another sliding door you enter the bathroom which is completely outdoors! Only the shower & toilet have a little wooden roof above it in case of rain.
They provided all bath amenities in reusable containers – good smelling Body Lotion, Shower Gel, Shampoo and Conditioner.

Breakfast & Restaurants

The breakfast buffet is located in main building – which also has the concierge service, a bar and the “Macondo” Restaurant. In the evening it serves healthy food from a holisitc menu and in the morning you find the breakfast buffet here.
I really loved it! You have a lot of fresh & healthy choices and additionally you can order hot food like eggs etc.
The only little minus I have to mention is that they charge you the prices for drinks like cappuccino and other coffee specialities – only Tea, Juice & regular coffee is included.


The La Popular Restaurant

At the beach you find the Restaurant La Popular which has been my fav! They serve mainly fresh fish but also Tacos and other meat or veggie options. You really sit in the middle of the beach listening to the waves with the toes in the sand – which makes it to an amazing experience.



We absolutely enjoyed our time at the Nomade Hotel thanks to the super friendly staff and positive vibes of this place. You will find so many photogenic and inspiring places to shoot or simply to enjoy.
For the next days we planned a lot of exploring & driving around Yucatan so we booked another hotel for these days. At the Nômade we really used our time to relax and enjoy.

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