Picturesque Amsterdam is the ideal place for a summer city trip! Since Amsterdam is not far away from there German border (but also easy to reach from any other European country by plane) it’s a great destination if you are looking for a short trip.These are my Amsterdam highlights you shouldn’t miss during your stay!

You will find a map with all my Amsterdam Highlights at the end of this post!

Where did we stay in Amsterdam ?

We stayed at the lovely Sofitel Legend Le Grand. The hotel is located in the city center which means that you can walk literally anywhere! But anyway due to the direct location at the channel and the big courtyard, the rooms are very quiet.

My Amsterdam Highlights:

The Bloemenmarkt

The Bloemenmarkt is only a few minutes away from the hotel. It’s a swimming market where they most of all sell flowers and souvenirs. The first store was my favorite one since they had all kinds of colorful and scented flowers – they even hang from the ceiling! Of course I just couldn’t left this flower shop without buying a giant bouquet of tulips!


The Damrak port is the place where you get the best view at the famous ginger bread houses of Amsterdam. It’s a chilled place to relax, eat an ice cream and enjoy the sunshine – and of course to take some classic Amsterdam photos.

The best spots for your shots are the docks or a small platform under the Damrak bridge (see map) which can be reached by a hidden stairway.

The view from the dock

& the view from the platform under the bridge

Walking through the picturesque alleys

After that we simply strolled a bit through the small alleys. I fell in love with the narrow canals and the tiny bridges around every corner. Almost all of them are decorated with flowers which gives the streets this typical Amsterdam charm. You will find many pretty little cafes & restaurants during your walk next to incredibly picturesque house entrances.

The Leliesluis Bridge

One of the most pretty bridges with a great view to the church Westerkerk is the Leliesluis bridge at the Prinsengracht (‚prince canal‘).
It’s located super close to the Anne Frank House – which we also planned to visit but since our trip was really spontaneously and all tickets are sold 2 months prior we didn’t get the chance for it this time.

Enjoying a waffle while sitting at the Groenburgwal

For the most romantic view go to the Groenburgwal. There is a small bridge crossing a scenic canal facing the Zuiderkerk church. But be aware of the many bicycles which are crossing the bridge if you want to take phots here.
We just relaxed a bit at the canal and enjoyed one of those strawberry chocolate waffles you can buy in almost all bakeries.

A boat tour through the channels

Exploring Amsterdam by water is another great experience. Simply hop on one of the many guided boat tours or even rent your own one (no boat driver license needed!).
I really enjoyed the boat trip through the canals, passing countless cute houes & house boats and we even got to see the huge harbor area with an old merchant ship.

Is one weekend enough for Amsterdam?

I have to admit that two days are quite short to explore Amsterdam but it was enough time for me to fall in love with this city! We will definitely come back to explore beautiful Amsterdam highlights!

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