The enchanting capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam, is the ideal destination for a city getaway with friends – all year round! During our last stay, we stayed at the W Amsterdam and in this post you can find my review of the hotel!

My Review of the W Amsterdam


The W Amsterdam is located right in the center of Amsterdam, making the hotel the ideal location for a walking tour around the city.

Nevertheless, it is only 20 minutes by cab from Schiphol Airport to the hotel and quick to reach after a flight.

The w Amsterdam exterior hotel review


The concept of the W Amsterdam

As is typical for the W brand, the hotel’s concept is young, hip and fresh. The rooftop of the hotel is considered a hotspot in Amsterdam. Not only for hotel guests, but also among locals and tourists who are not staying at the hotel. On the top floor you’ll find WET, an outdoor lounge with the only infinity pool in Amsterdam, which overlooks the city. But even in winter, the Mr. Porter restaurant, as well as the W Lounge and the unique spa area of the W Amsterdam, are a real magnet.

The Rooms

The W Amsterdam consists of two buildings located opposite to each other, on a small street. First there is the historic Bank building, which was actually once a bank. The rooms and suites in this building are elegant and classic, but at the same time modern.

However, we stayed in the modern Exchange building. The overall style of the building is young, hip and playful. This is also reflected in the rooms and suites.

Since I was traveling with a friend, we opted for a double room with two beds and were amazed at how spacious the Wonderful Exchange category rooms are (just one level above the entry-level Cool Exchange).

Overall, the room consists of one large space with an open bathroom, a rain shower, the two beds, as well as a sofa, bar and a huge window front, which in our case overlooked the city. The toilet is in a separate small room.

For couples and close friends, this is the ideal room category, but they don’t offer much privacy due to the open bathroom. However, I loved that the block with the sink and a makeup area, is very central in the room, allowing two people to get ready at the same time without stumbling over each other.

the w Amsterdam hotel review, bedroom with two beds and red carpet
the w Amsterdam hotel review, bathroom

Spa & Fitness

The so-called Away Spa in the Bank building of the W Amsterdam is a highlight of the hotel and the most beautiful spa area I have ever seen in a city hotel.

From the spa reception, a staircase leads down to the basement, which looks very elegant but also cozy with black tiles and atmospheric lighting. There’s a large pool with lounge beds and a Jacuzzi, and another area with a sauna, steam room, ice bath and fire bath.

To ensure that it is never overcrowded and that there is always enough privacy, the spa area must be reserved. This is of course free of charge for hotel guests, but guests from outside the hotel can also book the popular spa area.

indoor pool in the spa area of the w Amsterdam hotel

The treatment rooms, on the other hand, are located in another area, which is designed as a huge safe (in reference to the fact that the building once functioned as a bank). The treatment rooms are designed dark and cozy as well. We enjoyed a relaxing oil massage here as well as a facial. I thought it was great that the loungers and the blanket were heated, as I usually start to freeze quickly during massages.

Of course, a well-equipped gym is also part of the spa area!

spa treatment room at the w Amsterdam for massages and treatments
the w Amsterdam hotel review, spa area with pool and two girls relaxing

Restaurants & Co.

As mentioned above, the W Amsterdam is a popular hotspot in Amsterdam, both among guests and visitors who are not staying at the hotel, and this is, in addition to the spa area, especially due to the restaurants and lounges in the hotel:


WET is the hotel’s unique rooftop pool, which is the only one in Amsterdam that looks out over the city’s rooftops. Still, I placed WET in this category because it’s primarily a rooftop lounge. In the summertime, cocktails and the gorgeous view over Amsterdam (especially at sunset!) can be enjoyed at this location.

We were ourselves in the winter in the hotel, but still dared for a few photos in the water, which sadly was not heated…

the w Amsterdam hotel review, view from the rooftop infinity pool
rooftop infinity pool on top of the w Amsterdam hotel


W Lounge

The W Lounge is also located on the top floor of the Exchange building. A great and elegant bar with fireplaces and cozy seating. Not only cocktails are served here, but on weekends a DJ plays starting at 6 pm. Therefore, it gets crowded quickly, but hotel guests have priority at the entrance and always get a seat.

the w Amsterdam hotel review, w lounge terrace, overlooking the city


Mr. Porter

Now to my favorite: On the highest floor, right next to the W Lounge is the restaurant Mr. Porter. It is a steakhouse with sharing concept and absolutely amazing! We had a great evening at the restaurant, which has a unique atmosphere. The interior is elegant and modern, the kitchen is open, which allows you to look over the chefs’ shoulders, and the food is world class! In fact, Mr. Porter is one of the best and most popular restaurants in Amsterdam, which is why it is always busy. A reservation is definitely recommended for this reason.

In the center of the restaurant is a large round bar, around which you can also sit and dine. Directly behind it, a DJ plays hip music. I’m a huge fan of restaurant concepts that combine good food with great atmosphere and music, and Mr. Porter embodies this absolutely perfectly!

Dining at Mr. Porter is a must do if you’re staying at the W Amsterdam!

Both Mr. Porter and the Duchess restaurant in the Bank building serve breakfast in the morning. There is a small buffet, but the main part of the food can be ordered á la carte. We ourselves unfortunately didn’t have time to test the breakfast, but it looked very good!


The Duchess

In the Bank building of the W Amsterdam there is another restaurant, which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. The interior style of the restaurant, which was awarded with a Michelin star, is based on the roaring Twenties and is very elegant.

We will surely try this restaurant during our next visit!

the duchess restaurant in the w Amsterdam, classy interior design restaurant


Résumé of our stay at the W Amsterdam

Hip and Fun! The W Hotels are especially popular with younger guests, as they are not just for overnight stays, but have so much more to offer! The W Amsterdam also lives this concept to the fullest with a special interior style, hip bars and restaurants. Nevertheless, I never felt the atmosphere as “too loud & wild”, but rather very elegant and pleasant, because you can always retreat to the quiet room or in the relaxing spa area. For me, the W Amsterdam offers the ideal combination of relaxation and get-togethers with friends and like-minded people, in the heart of the Dutch capital. Young couples and friends will feel absolutely at home here!

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standing in fron of the sign of the w brand hotels at the w Amsterdam

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