2021 comes with some big hopes that international traveling will finally be easier again and I’m currently planning our bucket list for this year! Do you need some Travel Ideas for 2021? Check out these incredible destinations:


My Travel Ideas for 2021 begin with a road trip through South and Central Italy. Last summer we flew from Berlin to Napoli where we rented a little car to make our way to Pompeii, the nearby Amalfi Coast, Tuscany & Rome. Driving in this part of Italy is not a problem at all but make sure to get a small rental car since the street can get super narrow and parking lots are mostly tiny too – especially the ones at the Amalfi Coast!

Positano beach sunrise
Positano, Amalfi Coast


Our first adventure last year has been our trip to the Bahamas. It’s been the first “real vacation” we had in a long time to celebrate our birthdays in January together with some friends! My favorite experience of the Bahamas has been our boat trip from Nassau to the Exuma Cays. These are more than 360 tiny islands surrounded by the bluest water you can think of and some unique inhabitants too 🙂

Click here to read my EXUMAS CAYS Guide & find out which islands you shouldn’t miss!

Bahamas nurse sharks
Bahamas pigs beach


Last year we had to cancel many trips to oversea destinations so we focused on countries in Europe instead. One of these destinations has been Greece and I can’t recommend it high enough as a summer destination for 2021! We decided to explore the capital Athens, beautiful Santorini and a lesser known island which is called Tinos and located right next to Mykonos.

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Santorini Travel ideas 2021
Tinos travel ideas 2021


Our last trip in 2020 have been the Maldives. It’s been the most relaxing way to end this strange year. What we loved the most about our time was that it felt like traveling to another world without any stress and we could completely forget about our worries – at least for a few days!
We had the luck to visit some of our bucket list resorts in the Maldives – click on any of them if you wanna see & read more about our stays:

Waldorf Astoria Maldives bicycle
The Waldorf Astoria
Fushifaru Maldives beach
The Fushifaru


Exploring our own country this summer has been one of the best decisions ever. It really blew us away how many beautiful spots we discovered in our backyard.

Especially the beautiful mountain lakes in Bavaria & the unique rock formations of the National park “Saxony Switzerland” left us speechless and definitely should be on your bucket list when you’re visiting Germany!

Hintersee Bayern Deutschland
Hintersee, Bavaria
Bastei sächsische schweiz wandern
Bastei, Saxony Switzerland


Make sure to put this country to your travel list for 2021: Egypt has been the last destination we visited before the borders closed back in March 2020. Unfortunately we had to shorten our trip to head back home to Germany. But anyway we visited some of the most impressive ancient places I’ve ever seen in my life like the pyramids and the Sphinx of Giza, the Karnak Temple and – my favorite – the impressive temples of Abu Simbel!

If you’re planning a trip to Egypt yourself make sure to put this 3000 years old side to your list and check out my detailed guide to visit Abu Simbel!

inside the temple of Abu Simbel
Abu Simbel
giza pyramids and Sphinx Egypt


During a road trip from Germany to explore the northern part of Italy we absolutely fell in love with it! Especially the beautiful mountains of South Tyrol are now below my top 10 destinations ever.
It’s also been the first time that I visited Venice – and wow this city is even more romantic in real life than on all the pictures you’ve ever have seen!

Seiser Alm Südtirol Dolomiten
venice Rialto bridge girl in red dress


Words can barely describe how magical our trip to Iceland has been! It’s not only No. 1 of my Travel Ideas for 2021 but of all times! We visited Iceland mid June and this magical island truly left us speechless with its beautiful waterfalls, colorful midnight sunsets and the most impressive nature! It reminded us so much of a Nordic version of Hawaii and we can not wait to revisit the country during the winter season next time!

Don’t miss my ICELAND GUIDE with all the unbelievable places we visited. It includes a detailed map to make it easy for you to find these spots yourself 🙂

Island Highlights sunset waterfall
Island Highlights reynisfjara basalt columns

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