The Crossroads is the very first multi-island concept in the Maldives – but it’s way more than just a connection of two resorts. It’s a whole new way of experiencing this paradise for all travelers who like to have the best of both worlds: Relaxation at empty beaches and the freedom of hopping between different restaurants & bars, go shopping, dancing at pool parties and so much more! The possibilities are endless 🙂

So what exactly can you do at the Crossroads and is it the right concept for everyone? Find the answers below:

The Crossroads Maldives

The Location and how to get there?

The Crossroads islands are just a quick 15-20 minutes speed boat transfer away from the Velana international airport in Male and part of the South Male Atoll. The shuttle is free of charge for resort and day guests.

Which islands belong to the Crossroads?

Right now the Crossroads is a union of three islands:

There are plans to open more resorts as part of the Crossroads in the next few years but which hotel brands these will be is still not figured out.

map of the CROSSROADS Maldives

What exactly is the concept?

As the first multi-island concept the Crossroads invented holidays in the Maldives in a new way while still being the paradise you’re expecting during your vacation. All guests of the two resorts can move between all three islands freely to use any amenities. This means that SAii Lagoon Guests can join a pool party at the Hard Rock Hotel and Hard Rock guests relax at the quiet beach of the SAii.

Additionally the Marina Island is open for day guests during normal times. Due to Covid no day guests are allowed but of course this will change again once the pandemic is over. This also makes it to the perfect hideaway if you’re looking for a nice place to relax a few hours before your flight from Male or simply for a day visit.
Additionally the Marina is a fully equipped harbour where Yachts and boats can be moored and maintained during a break on the open sea and to go to the restaurants or chill at the Beach Club.


My favorite places on the Marina Island:

The Beach Club

Just some steps away from the SAii Lagoon is the Beach Club located with a huge and beautiful pool and many sun beds & cabanas at the beach or the pool. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a lazy day in the sunshine with great cocktails, food and music while meeting new people or simply to relax.


The Water Sports Center

Are you seeking for an adventure thrill during your stay? At the Water Spots Center you can book any kind of activities like snorkeling tours or jet ski rides. Resort Guests can use all non motorized vehicles like kayaks or paddle boats without any charge or rent snorkeling equipment for free during the duration of the stay. One little snorkeling spot is located right in the Crossroads Lagoon: Several tuna statues are located underwater around a collection of corals and anemones with colorful fish. But if you’re a big snorkeling fan just like me I can highly recommend to book a tour to a nearby reef to experience the diversity of the maritime life.


The Spa – Lèn Be Well

Beside the Rock Spa of the Hard Rock Hotel the Marina Island has another Spa to recover after a sunny day or maybe while waiting for a tropical storm to pass. Lèn Be Well is an innovative wellness concept with tailor-made treatments which will fit your current mood with suiting care products, techniques and fragrances to reach your desired state of mind. We got pampered with a bespoke couple massage and felt completely recharged!


Maldives Discovery Center

Normally you don’t get much contact with the traditional culture and the history of the Maldives if you visit one of the luxury resorts. But the Crossroads has its own Maldives Discovery Center which is an interactive exhibition for young and old. Learn about the unique ecosystem of the Maldives & how to protect it, who the first settlers where and way more interesting facts! It’s a great way to see that the Maldives are much more than just a holiday destination with lovely hotels and beaches.


At the Crossroads you find a huge variety of culinary choices from cafés and light lunch snacks to fine dining options. Additionally hotel guests can use all restaurants of the SAii Lagoon and Hardrock Hotel too!

On the Marina Island my favorite restaurant for lunch is the Thai Bistro Kintao which serves authentic Thai food like Pad Thai, spicy soups or curry.
The most famous restaurant on the Marina Island is definitely the Hard Rock Cafe with live music every few days: perfect for some drinks in the evening. 🙂

During our last night at the Crossroads we decided to try the “restaurant hopping” culinary journey tour and it has been our favorite dinner experience during the stay! You get picked up at your resort with a fancy Rolls-Royce style buggy and change the restaurant for every course with pairing wines and drinks.
The appetizer is served at the world renowned Ministry of Crab which is one of Asias  50’s best restaurants! Followed by several small plates at the Japanese restaurant Nihonbashi. My personal highlight has been the main course and dessert at the Carne Diem Steakhouse. It has a unique grill which gets up to 750°C which lets every single steak get cooked to perfection! I’ve never had such a good & tasty meat in my life!

Résumé – Is the CROSSROADS Maldives for everyone?

Now that I told you everything about this new concept in the Maldives and what makes it special you probably ask yourself if the Crossroads is the right choice for your Maldives vacation. To answer this question you should ask yourself: How important is it to you to have different activities and dining choices during your trip? Do you like to relax but also to have the possibility to party and meet new people? If the answer is yes then you will love the Crossroads! But if you’re looking for the ultimate lonely island vibe and love to go snorkeling right from the beach the Crossroads might not be your favorite choice to stay at but maybe for a day visit before flying back home from Male?

We definitely enjoyed our time here and one thing is for sure: With all these activities and choices we never felt boring during the entire stay 😉



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