A landscape that seems to come straight out of a fairytale and colorful hot air balloons that float peacefully over the scenery early in the morning: That is Cappadocia.

It is one of the few destinations in the world that is even more beautiful in reality than in photos. Therefore, a trip to Cappadocia belongs on every bucket list!

The right hotel is guaranteed to make your trip even dreamier, as you will find the most beautiful small boutique hotels in the region. A common feature are the traditional cave rooms. The most beautiful among them: The Koza Cave Hotel in the heart of Cappadocia. In this hotel review of the Koza Cave Hotel in Cappadocia you will find out whether the hotel is the right choice for you:

My review of the Koza Cave Hotel


In Cappadocia you will find most hotels, restaurants and shops in the town of Goreme. It is not the capital of the region, but rather a dreamy and touristic village. It is the ideal starting point for exploring the region, as the most beautiful sights and the well-known valleys are in the immediate vicinity.

The Koza Cave Hotel is one of the hotels located above the hill on which Goreme is built. The hotel’s rooftop is the highest in all of Goreme, offering the best view of the valley and the rising hot air balloons in the morning!

hot air balloons over the dreamy landscape of Cappadocia with the small town Göreme in the background

Rooms & Suites

Many houses around hotels in Goreme are built right into the soft sandstone found throughout the region. For thousands of years people have carved their dwellings and camps in the rock and even today visitors can stay in these caves. The Koza Cave Hotel offers a total of ten cave rooms and suites, all of which are individually designed and have different features. Due to the small number of rooms and the great popularity, you should book your desired room well in advance. 

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Deluxe Cave Suite

We slept in one of the larger suites. The Deluxe Cave Suite with a total of 50 m² is located on several winding floors featuring a small living room with a fireplace, a cozy bedroom and a bathroom with a corner bath.

The interior of each room is individually designed, but they all feature locally handcrafted furnishings like big carpets, massive wooden furniture and antique decorations. I find the rooms super cozy and romantic. They immerse their visitors directly into the magical world of Cappadocia.

living room of a deluxe suite at the Koza Cave Hotel in Cappadocia
bedroom in a cave suit at the Koza Cave Hotel in Cappadocia
bathroom with bathtub in a cave suite of the Koza Cave Hotel in Cappadocia

The Rooftop Terrace

The highlight of the Koza Cave Hotel is the carpeted and cushioned rooftop terrace with a breath-taking view. As already mentioned, it is the highest terrace in all of Goreme allowing for an uninterrupted view of the valley.

In the evening, the roof terrace also welcomes guests from outside the hotel to enjoy the sunset with drinks. But the real spectacle takes place early in the morning: the hot air balloons rising with the sun. At this time, access to the rooftop terrace is exclusively for hotel guests and is perfect for taking photos or just marveling!

It is truly a unique experience to see the numerous balloons floating over the unique landscape of Cappadocia while the rising sun transforms the sky into the most beautiful colors. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that the balloons will fly every day. If it is too windy, the ascent will be cancelled to avoid accidents. Therefore, you should stay at Koza Cave Hotel for at least two or three nights to have a significantly higher chance of being part of this moment. But even without balloons, the view is fantastic! 

girl with yellow long dress overlooking the sunrise and hot air balloons from the terrace of the Koza Cave Hotel in Cappadocia
girl with yellow long dress overlooking the sunrise and hot air balloons from the terrace of the Koza Cave Hotel in Cappadocia

The Concept of the Koza Cave Hotel – The Koza Experience

The Koza Cave Hotel in Cappadocia is a family-run boutique hotel. The family is not only extremely friendly and hospitable, but very well connected with various business operators in Cappadocia. Therefore the Koza Experience doesn’t end with your stay at the hotel, but can extend throughout your entire journey. I encourage you to take advance of the families’ insider knowledge of the Cappadocia region and build your Cappadocia must-do list based on the recommendations of the people that have spent their life there. 

The team takes great pleasure in organizing all the details that will make your trip unforgettable. The offers include photo shoots, whether in the hotel itself or in the region and the rental of stunning dresses for pictures (such as the long yellow dress you see in my photos). The family also organizes balloon rides and excursions for their guests. It is a unique and always warm service – we didn’t have to take care of anything during our trip!

If you have specific ideas and wishes, you can plan them ahead of your stay in order to secure your desired dates. You can always reach the team via WhatsApp or email on the Koza website.

In addition to this review of the Konza Cave Hotel, I have also published an article with the most beautiful places in Cappadocia. You should definitely read this post before your trip so that you don’t miss any highlights and secret spots! 

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Breakfast & Bar 

After a breath-taking sunrise on the roof terrace, the Koza team prepares a breakfast buffet in the small restaurant. The selection consists of traditional dishes and local products from the region. But classics like pancakes are also freshly prepared. The selection of warm dishes changes daily, but the Turkish breakfast classic Gözleme is a must! It’s a thin flatbread filled with cheese and various ingredients such as onions, spinach, tomatoes, … Super delicious!

The Hotel also offers you the option to enjoy your breakfast on the terrace with a view, together with a traditional Turkish tea or coffee.

brekafats buffet with a selection of Turkish delights

Part of the breakfast buffet

plate with breakfast and a glass of Turkish tea over looking the landscape from the terrace of the Koza Cave Hotel in Cappadocia

breakfast with a view

three different sunset cocktails  at the rooftop of the Koza Cave Hotel in Cappadocia overlooking Göreme

Dusk by Koza – Cocktails

Dusk by Koza

From the late afternoon, the terrace transforms into the Rooftop Bar Dusk by Koza. Serving very cool locally inspired cocktails and drinks as well as shisha and small snacks. This makes it the ideal place to enjoy the sunset in the evening.

Since the Koza Cave Hotel only has a small kitchen for snacks and breakfast, it does not have its own restaurant for dinner. However, you will find numerous great options for dinner in the immediate vicinity. You can find my restaurant tips for Göreme in my → Cappadocia travel guide.

hot air balloons over the dreamy landscape of Cappadocia

Résumé of our experience at the Koza Cave Hotel

The Koza Cave Hotel is probably one of the smallest, but at the same time one of the dreamiest hotels we have ever stayed in. For me it is the first choice in Goreme, for an authentic experience as imagined in Cappadocia. Cozy cave rooms, a stunning view and warm hosts. The Koza Cave Hotel is the best-rated hotel in the region and my absolute favourite for a reason!

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We had a sponsored stay at the Koza Cave Hotel which does not influence my review and option about the hotel.

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