When I think of beachfront All Inclusive resorts usually the first thing which came to my mind were big hotels with small rooms and mediocre Service. But that completely changed when we checked in the SANI Resort in Halkidiki, Greece.

The SANI Resort is a family-run business, which is managed with a lot of heart and attention to detail. It is not a classic large resort, but rather a combination of five great hotels in boutique style… but you read more about it in this hotel review of the SANI Resort.

My Hotel Review of SANI Resort

The Location

SANI resort is located on the Halkidiki peninsula in the north of Greece. The nearest airport is Thessaloniki. Here we were already expected by a SANI driver and with the private transfer the trip to the resort took about 45-50 minutes.

Halkidiki is known for its great beaches and the azure blue water, as you usually only know from the Maldives. In addition, I was positively surprised by the weather – from the Greek islands like Santorini, Ios and Co. in the south of the country, we are actually used to strong winds. However, it was completely different here: The region is much less windy and the SANI bay is ideally protected from gusts of wind.

The SANI Concept

What makes SANI special is that it is not a typical large resort, but rather consists of five different SANI hotels as well as its own marina with boutiques, cafes and restaurants. We stayed at the SANI Club, which is why this hotel review focuses on that hotel in particular. But no matter in which of the five hotels you stay, you always have the possibility to use all restaurants, pools, beaches & Co. Only the SANI Asterias has an exclusive beach and pool.

However, the SANI complex includes much more than hotels and beaches: a large part of the resort are vast pine forests and wetlands, which provide a home for numerous bird species. At certain times of the year, flamingos also make their home here. Therefore, there are hiking trails and bicycle paths on the resort, which invite you to enjoy the nature.

The SANI has a great focus on sustainable tourism and is expanding its concept year after year with higher and higher goals. The entire resort is operated with a Zero Single Use Plastic as well as Zero Carbon Footprint principle. So in 2020 it became the first carbon neutral resort in Greece.

The Hotel SANI Club

The SANI Club is located at the very edge of the SANI Resort and is surrounded by forests and a beautiful blue bay. This makes it the quietest and most idyllic of the five SANI hotels and ideal for relaxation. The hotel is located on a hill, so every room overlooks the blue sea.

Our Suite at the SANI Club

We stayed in a bungalow suite with private pool. The suite is reminiscent of a private villa and includes a large living room, as well as a huge bathroom with free-standing bathtub and rain shower, and a cozy bedroom. However, this room category is also offered as a multi-bedroom version, which is ideal for larger families or friends traveling together.

The highlight is undoubtedly the private terrace with dining table, lounge area, sun loungers and a private pool. I also loved that each garden has its own olive tree, which reflects the Mediterranean feeling.

Our suite unfortunately did not look directly at the sea, as it was located in front of the main pool (most pool suites, however, have the direct sea view), but still a fantastic view of the sunset. Since SANI Resort is located on the west coast of the Halkidiki Peninsula, the sunsets are beautiful and romantic every evening.

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As mentioned earlier, all SANI guests have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of all SANI hotels, which guarantees that you will never be bored. Since we only stayed at SANI Resort for a few days, it was impossible for us to try all the activities, but here are some of my favorites:

Pools at SANI Club

In total, the SANI Club Hotel already has two pools. The larger one is popular with families, as it has a shallow pool for children and offers a great view of the sea. Especially dreamlike is the view of course at sunset, when the water reflects the colors and thus turns into liquid gold.

My favorite pool is the infinity pool at Sani CLUB. It is particularly idyllic, surrounded by trees and very quiet. Perfect to enjoy the sun in the afternoon.


Around SANI Resort there are a total of seven kilometers of white beaches with sunbeds and umbrellas for sunbaths and relaxation. My favorite is the Bousoulas Beach Club. Whether it’s relaxing by the crystal clear water, having a great lunch with refreshing cocktails or enjoying the sunset at dinner with music in the evening – Bousoulas Beach is always a great place to be. The water is not only incredibly blue, but the entrance to the water at this point is very shallow, so you can walk into the water for several minutes without having to swim.


Whether tennis, soccer, water sports or cycling. In the SANI Resort you not only find ideal lounging, but also sporting compensation. Unfortunately, we had no time to test everything ourselves, but will make up for it next time 😉 A highlight are without question the sports academies for children, in which the little ones can learn various sports and even scuba diving or sailing.


To explore the great variety of nature at SANI Resort, guided tours are offered into the swamps and forests to observe birds and flamingos. Also, I can absolutely recommend you to take a bike ride or hike on the grounds, as the paths lead past gorgeous views. It is hard to believe that all this is part of the resort – I have never experienced anything like it. SANI clearly has a focus not only on luxury and relaxation but also on getting out into nature.


The SANI Marina is the central point of the resort and as the name suggests, a real harbor for boats and yachts, which invites you to stroll. Here you will find fashion boutiques, but also small stores where you can find everything you need, as well as great cafes and restaurants, which are included in the SANI Dine Around concept. You can read more about this in the next paragraph…


Wellness and relaxation are part of every vacation for me, which is why I always like to test the spa areas. Here, too, you can choose between a total of 5 spas. The Sani Club, for example, has a great selection of treatments and wellness in The Club Spa. Our relaxing massage and body scrub were perfect to end the day. There are also saunas, a steam room, and cold pools in the spa area that can be used, and the tranquil garden invites you to meditate.

Breakfast and Restaurants

In total, there are 27 restaurants in SANI, which every guest can use, no matter in which of the five SANI hotels you’re staying. So it surely never get boring! And the great thing: When booking half or full board, you can decide every day where you want to eat. At the resort this is called the SANI Dine Around concept.

Of course we couldn’t try all 27 restaurants during our stay and the choice wasn’t easy, but here are my favorites:

Breakfast – at SANI Club

Even when it comes to breakfast, you can decide every morning what you feel like: a lot of choice and buffet in the Olympos Buffet Restaurant or more quiet in the Club Lounge or in the Pines Bar. I myself love á la carte menus, which is why we usually had breakfast in the Club Lounge. Here you can order dishes like avocado toast, waffles or Eggs Benedict from the menu. In addition, there is a small buffet, with fresh fruit, a hot and cold section and fresh pastries.

Ouzerie – SANI Club

My favorite restaurant at SANI Club is the Greek taverna Ouzerie, right by the sea. It spreads a quaint and traditional Greek charm with white staircases and wooden tables on the terrace, which offer an ideal view of the sunset. The food was simply unique: traditional and local, with lots of great dishes which were ideal for sharing and trying through! A wonderfully romantic evening with a great glass of Greek wine.

Lima – at Porto SANI

Another one of my favorites that you can’t miss during your visit to the SANI Resort is the Lima Restaurant in the Porto SANI Hotel. As the name suggests, it’s Latin American cuisine with influences from different regions. The vibe is very modern and young with a live DJ and stylish ambience. But the highlight is without a doubt the food! No matter if you love meat or eat vegetarian. We had among other things soft tacos with pulled beef with truffle mayo, which were incredible, skewers on a mini grill, croquetas, the best churros with a heavenly dulde de leche cream, … I can not rave enough! Definitely try it of you’re staying at the SANI Resort yourself!

Cabana Restaurant – SANI Club

Mediterranean feeling in an elegant ambience with great live music. The Cabana Restaurant is ideal for a romantic dinner date for two. But not in a stiff fine dining atmosphere, but rather relaxed and stylish at the same time. The chef comes from the Cote d’Azur, which is why you can taste the Mediterranean sun in all the dishes. I can recommend the homemade truffle pasta with a great glass of white wine – simply something to dream about.

Lunch – SANI Marina

For lunch, we preferred to stroll through the marina and let ourselves be inspired. Whether you’re in the mood for Italian, Greek or a crepes … everyone is guaranteed to find something in the many small restaurants.

Résumé of my Review of the SANI Resort

You probably already realize… the SANI Resort is unique and impossible to cover in just one hotel review, because it is so versatile. However, all five hotels have one thing in common: an incredibly warm hospitality and the family closeness to the guest. Most travelers are regulars, which speaks not only to the hotel itself, but also to the detail-oriented service.

Whether you’re traveling as a family or as a couple which prefers peace and privacy, there’s a hotel and activities to suit every preference. If you are looking for the perfect mix of relaxation, unique nature and fantastic food, then SANI Resort is the ideal place for you!

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We had a sponsored stay at SANI Resort in Greece, however, this does not influence my opinion and rating about the hotel.

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