A brand new addition to the Six Senses portfolio and a new Eco Luxury Hotspot in the Maldives: Welcome to the Six Senses Kanuhura! In this hotel review, I’ll tell you what sets the resort apart from other islands in the Maldives and whether it’s the right choice for you!

My Review of the Six Senses Kanuhura Maldives

Location & Accessibility

Six Senses Kanuhura is located in Lhaviyani Atoll, north of the capital Male and a short seaplane flight from Male International Airport. After the landing of your international flight, you will be welcomed directly by the Six Senses team and directed to the lounge while the staff take care of organizing the transfer flight to the resort. The seaplane flight is more expensive than a boat transfer, but the view over the atolls is unique.

Hotel Review of the new Six Senses Kanuhura in the Maldives

The concept of the Six Senses Kanuhura

The Six Senses Kanuhura was only opened at the end of 2023. A former resort was taken over and completely renovated. Some of the restaurants, villas etc. were newly built – many others were modernized in the well-known eco-luxury style of Six Senses. For this reason, the outdoor areas of the new Beach Retreat villas in particular still need to grow some vegetation before they have their full charm. Fortunately, this happens very quickly in a climate like the Maldives.

Six Senses is our favorite hotel brand, as the connection with nature and our environment flows through every vein of the concept. At the same time, the resorts are very luxurious, designed for wellness and integrate local traditions and characteristics. It is an “all-round carefree package”, which guests also experience at Six Senses Kanuhura. Starting with the barefoot concept and the personal greeting of each guest, to their own butler, the so-called GEM, and unique culinary delights and wellness treatments.

The infinity pool at the Six Senses Kanuhura in the Maldives overlooking the blue lagoon

The villas at Six Senses Kanuhura

We tested different room categories during our stay and these were our favorites:

Beach Retreat with Pool

The newest villas are the so-called Beach Retreats. As the name already implies they are located right at the beach with their own pool. They can be booked for both couples and small families as they comprise two separate buildings.

Each Beach Retreat is unique and has a slightly different layout, but they all have the same features: In the first villa is the large living room with bathroom as well as an open kitchen, where a large selection of snacks, fruit, coffee, tea & co. and a bottle of sparkling wine were waiting for us. A staircase leads up to a small TV lounge, which can be converted into an additional bedroom.

The second villa mainly houses the cozy bedroom and the open bathroom with a bathtub, rain shower and access to the outdoor shower.

Normally, outdoor showers are my favorite. In our beach retreat, however, the newly planted vegetation had to grow a little first in order to enjoy complete privacy. However, this happens very quickly in the Maldives thanks to the climate.

the living room of a beach retreat villa with sofa at the Six Senses Kanuhura in the Maldives
the terrace and beach at a beach retreat villa at the Six Senses Kanuhura in the Maldives

The private outdoor area is not only incredibly large, but also flows seamlessly into the quiet beach in front of the villa. It overlooks the blue lagoon and a private island of the Six Senses Kanuhura (more on this in a moment) and is usually completely empty.

There is also a covered terrace, sun loungers and a large pool. Most of the time, however, we swam directly in the warm water of the lagoon.

For large families and friends traveling together, there are beach retreats with up to three separate bedrooms and plenty of space!

Water Villa with Pool

Of course, we also tested one of the popular water villas and were surprised at how much space they offer. All the water villas have their own pool and a spacious terrace. However, I found the terraces to be relatively close to the neighbors. That’s why the water villa furthest to the left was my favorite, as it only looks out over the water and the island from the pool.

a water villa at the Six Senses Kanuhura in the Maldives with the island in the background
standing in the pool of a water villa of the Six Senses Kanuhura in the Maldives

Inside there is a comfortable bed with a view of the ocean, a seating lounge and a small work area, as well as a walk-in closet. My highlight is the spacious and bright bathroom, with its own outdoor area which is completely shielded from view: not only is there an outdoor shower here, but also a hammock over the blue water. The perfect place for a morning shower.

the open bathroom of a water villa at the Six Senses Kanuhura in the Maldives

Wellness & Spa at the Six Senses Kanuhura

Of course Wellness plays a major role in the Six Senses Concept. The Six Senses Kanuhura not only offers “classic” massages & treatments but also special treatments with different holistic or scientistic influences. Like the the singing bowl healing sessions, guided meditation, bio hacking to quickly recover your body and much more. If we would have more time I definitely would habe tried one of their wellness programs which stretches over several days and includes the right treatments, massages, therapies, food, … to achieve a specific goal like Detox, fitness, better sleep or more. So you see – everyone can fully customize their wellness experience according to their needs 🙂

These are the main features of the big spa facilty:

  • eight cozy treatment rooms – one of them is a couple suite
  • water treatment area – one for ladies & one for gents – with a hot & cold plunge pool
  • a spacious Yoga & Meditation hut for guided sessions
  • a well equipped gym
  • a nail salon
  • the alchemy bar for DIY workshops
  • an extensive shop with different wellness gadgets & accessories


In addition to the best pool in the world – the Indian Ocean – there are two additional pools on the island of Six Senses Kanuhura. The second of the two absolutely blew us away!

Sip & Sand Pool

First of all, there is a “simple” but very beautiful pool on the beach, which invites you to laze in the sun and is particularly suitable for families with children. It is surrounded by palm trees and tropical plants, which makes it very cozy. It is located right next to the bar & snack restaurant Sip & Sand.

a pool at the beach surrounded by palm trees in the Maldives with gloomy sky

Sunset Point

The second pool is the absolute highlight and was built from scratch. The circular Infinity Pool at Sunset Point is located at a lofty height and is an architectural masterpiece! As the name suggests, it is the ideal place to enjoy the sunset and sip a cocktail from the bar. The water turns into a mirror and reflects the different colors of the sky. But it is also an incredibly impressive spot swim and to look out over the endless blue lagoon during the day.

Standing in a blue infinity pool at the Six Senses Kanuhura in the Maldives overlooking the lagoon with many shades of blue
the infinity pool of the Six Senses Kanuhura in the Maldives during sunset

The private islands of the Six Senses Kanuhura

The Six Senses Kanuhura consists of not just one, but three private islands. The resort is located on the largest island, while the others can be visited during the day.

A small water shuttle transports guests from the jetty on the main island to the Drift. A tropical island with a beach that is perfect for sunbathing and snorkeling as well as the cute Drift Grill Restaurant. Here you can sit under palm trees with your feet in the sand, listen to the gentle sound of the waves, enjoy a fresh meal and feel like a luxurious Robinson Crusoe! 🙂 A Lunch at Drift is an absolute must during a stay at Six Senses Kanuhura!

the lonely islands in the Maldives seen from above

Additionally, there is another small island behind the Drift, which can be booked for a private picnic. A set-up is set up under a protective canopy and you have the whole island to yourself – for as long as you like. You can’t get any more private than that! Accordingly, the excursion with picnic is somewhat pricey at USD 500, while a visit to Drift Island is free of charge.


Sustainability is one of the core values of the Six Senses concept – and not just since it became “trendy”, but since the brand was founded. This is why the idea of sustainability runs through every aspect of the Six Senses Kanuhura. From a “no plastic” policy to its own garden, a recycling station, the Earth Lab, where waste is turned into something new, a turtle protection program and much more.

Breakfast & Restaurants at the Six Senses Kanuhura

The Six Senses Kanuhura offers a variety of culinary choices, so we had the chance to try a new restaurant at every meal during our stay! Here are my highlights:


Number 1 is without a doubt Scoops. We have already experienced and loved this café in other Six Senses hotels, as they serve free ice cream all day long! Homemade and as much as you want! Isn’t that awesome?


I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that this was the best Italian food we’ve ever eaten in the Maldives. Especially the homemade pasta & ravioli blew us away. While my pizza was just okay, everything else was top class!

The Market

The Market is the main restaurant at Six Senses Kanuhura! Not only breakfast is served here, but also dinner if you wish. Once a week, The Market even transforms into an Asian food market in the evening!

The breakfast in The Market is, as in every Six Senses resort, incredibly good! I am always impressed. It consists of a large buffet as well as many à la carte options – including many healthy food options, but also sweet treats. Everyone is guaranteed to find something here! 🙂

The Point

Directly below the legendary infinity pool, The Sunset Point, is the Spanish restaurant The Point. (The people who gave it its name were particularly creative here 😉 ) As the restaurant is run by a genuine Spanish chef, the tapas are authentic and just as delicious as in Barcelona. Whether it’s croquetas de jamon, pimientos de padron or crema catalana – you’ll find all the tapas classics and special variations here!

The Drift

As mentioned above, The Drift is a small restaurant on a private island in front of the Six Senses Kanuhura. It is only open for lunch and has a delicious menu with freshly grilled dishes. As there are only a few tables right by the water on the sand, it is rustic, romantic and incredibly tasty at the same time!

More Restaurants at the Six Senses Kanuhura:

  • Sip & Sand – A snack restaurant & bar by the beach pool, perfect for a light lunch or a cocktail in the sun
  • The Sunset Point Bar – The Sunset Point infinity pool also has a great bar for sundowner drinks. A DJ plays here every evening at sunset and the atmosphere is great!
  • Private beach dinner – private dinners can be organized on the beach for a special occasion. With candles in the sand, a private chef and a starlit sky. Pure romance!

Résumé of my Review of the Six Senses Kanuhura

As Six Senses fans, we were incredibly excited to test the new Six Senses Kanuhura and it lived up to all our expectations! We were absolutely thrilled with the service, the food, the huge spa facilities and the size of the island. It is the ideal luxury resort for couples and thanks to the great Kids Club and different villa categories with several bedrooms, the Six Senses Kanuhura is also perfect for families!

I have already been asked several times whether the new Six Senses Kanuhura is better than the Six Senses Laamu in the Maldives, which has already been open since 2011. And the answer is no. But it is different. While the Six Senses Laamu is a small island with a rustic luxury ambience, the Six Senses Kanuhura is more modern and a larger island with numerous activities. For me, both resorts have their own special charm and are an ideal choice for a luxury resort in the Maldives.

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We had a sponsored stay at Six Senses Kanuhura, which does not affect my opinion or review of the resort.

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