A resort within a resort. This is the best way to describe the brand new Signature Collection by Hideaway Beach Resort. It exists for special luxury as well as lots of space and privacy. In this post you will find my hotel review of the Signature Collection by Hideaway in the Maldives.

My hotel review of the Signature Collection by Hideaway Resort Maldives

Location & Transfer

The resort is located as part of the Hideaway Beach Resort on a huge island in Haa Alifu Atoll far to the north of the Maldives. This part of the country is known for densely vegetated islands dotted with palm trees. It is also far more pristine than the atolls near the capital Male. For this reason, there is hardly any boat or plane traffic but a thriving ecosystem.

From the international airport, we took a 1.5 hour seaplane flight directly to the resort. Upon arrival at the airport, we were met by Signature Collection staff, checked in for our subsequent flight and were airborne shortly thereafter. The view over the atolls is most impressive from a seaplane, as the planes fly much lower than those of the domestic flights.

The concept of the Signature Collection by Hideway Resort Maldives

“A resort within a resort” – this may sound strange at first, but it is a well thought-out and brand new concept at Hideaway Beach Resort in the Maldives. The villas of the Signature Collection are located on the same island as the Hideaway Beach Resort, but in a separate area, at the quiet tip of the island with huge sandy beaches.
Here you will find not only the luxurious Signature Collection Villas and private beaches, but also a restaurant and lounge with pool for Signature Collection guests. In addition, each villa has its own butler, which takes care of all concerns, reservations, wishes & Co.
At the same time Signature Collection guests have full access to the rest of the resort. Thus, the Signature Collection is the ideal choice for guests who enjoy special luxury, privacy and plenty of space.

The villas of the Signature Collection

Part of the Signature Collection are only nine villas, which are all located on the beach. Between them, however, there is dense greenery and enough space that we had the feeling of being all alone on the island.

Signature Beach Residence

We stayed in a villa of the category ‘Signature Beach Residence’. The interior style is very elegant and oriental. Enter the villa through a large living room with sofa and an enormous chandelier. Here a huge fruit basket was already waiting for us, as well as welcome drinks.

The Signature Beach Residences have only one bedroom, with a large bed with very high quality bedding, which invites you to dream. Behind it is a hallway with closets, as well as the very well-stocked minibar, which is included for guests.

However, the highlight was the bathroom, which is reminiscent of a Turkish hammam. A large whirlpool, indirect lighting, and a shower as large as a private bathroom invite you to relax and enjoy. Unfortunately, the bathroom amenities, such as shampoo and lotion, were only offered in small plastic bottles, which in most resorts in the Maldives, due to sustainability, has been abolished for some time.

Both living room and bedroom have direct access to the private terrace, which is partially covered and offers sun loungers and a large pool. A walkway, which winds between the plants that grow around the villa, leads to the private beach area with a cabana.

Not only have I never seen an island this large in the Maldives, but I have never seen a stretch of beach as wide as the one at the Signature Collection. When we relaxed in our cabana or walked to the water, we didn’t encounter a soul. So in terms of privacy, Signature Collection is unbeatable!

Villas for friends & family

Of course, there are also multi-bedroom villas as part of the Signature Collection, which are ideal for families and friends. The largest is the Sultan Beach Residence. It offers the maximum luxury that the Signature Collection has to offer. Four bedrooms on two floors, a private sauna and steam room, kitchen, dining room, gym and so much more! It is a fully equipped villa that you could move right into. However, the centerpiece of the Sultan Beach Residence is the large outdoor area with a lounge set into the ground, a huge pool with waterslide, and plenty of sun loungers. Private barbecues can be held here and the whole family or friends can get together. Of course, this villa category also has private beach access on the sunset side of the island, where the beach is a bit narrower though.

Pool & Beach

This includes a total of three pools: The first is located at the Meeru Bar & Grill restaurant, near the best snorkeling spot on the island and is ideal for relaxing during the day.

The second pool is part of the Sunset Pool Café and a nice spot to enjoy the sunset with cocktails. In the evening, the lounge then transforms into a restaurant.

Another pool is located in the Oasis Lounge & Restaurant, as part of the Signature Collection area and offers plenty of tranquility.

My absolute highlight of the resort, is the beach area in front of Meeru Bar & Grill. It is the perfect snorkeling spot and has a unique feature, which I have not seen in this form in any other resort. Already after a few steps the reef edge begins, where the underwater life is just flourishing. Therefore, snorkeling at the resort is ideal even for beginners. I could have swam along the reef for hours because there is so much to discover: Colorful fish of all kinds, impressive corals, rays, turtles as well as small reef sharks.

Near the site, a fish feeding takes place every evening at sunset, which has the advantage of attracting numerous stingrays and reef sharks, which can be observed directly from the beach. But unfortunately the feeding is not very sustainable, as it impacts the balance of the ecosystem in the reef.

Wellness & Sport


The spa area is centrally located in the heart of the Hideaway Beach Resort and therefore has a very “jungle” atmosphere. Many treatment rooms include a private outdoor area with a hot tub for enjoying flower baths and other pampering. The treatment rooms are not particularly spectacular, but the massages were very good and relaxing.


The resort’s fitness area is huge and offers a variety of sporting activities. A highlight is the authentic golf simulator, where you can train together with a pro golfer. There is also an outdoor putting area.

There are also tennis and paddle tennis courts, which can be used free of charge or booked for training. Here we tested paddle tennis for the first time and were thrilled to see how much fun this sport is.
Of course, a classic, well-equipped gym is also offered!

Restaurants & Breakfast 

Thanks to the size of the island, there are numerous culinary choices at the resort:

Let’s start with the Signature Collection’s exclusive restaurant: the …
Here Signature Collection guests can enjoy an exclusive breakfast, relax in the lounge with pool during the day and enjoy an exclusive dinner in the evening, which exceeded all our expectations. The dishes were a true explosion of flavor.

These are other restaurants at Hideaway Beach Resort that Signature Collection guests can also enjoy:

  • The Oasis: the Signature Collection’s exclusive restaurant. Here, breakfast can be enjoyed in a private setting. The lounge also invites you to relax during the day, has its own pool and offers special wines and champagnes. We especially enjoyed dinner at The Oasis – it was one of the best meals we’ve ever had in the Maldives.
  • Meeru Bar & Grill: Perfect for lunch or a casual dinner. The menu offers a wide variety of dishes that are sure to satisfy any taste. You can sit on the sun deck directly at the lagoon to watch small sharks and stingrays.
  • Matheefaru: The Hideaway’s buffet restaurant, where breakfast is served in addition to dinner.
  • Sunset Pool Café: The perfect spot to relax in the pool and sip cocktails during the day, and in the evening it transforms into a restaurant serving Asian and European dishes.
  • Samsara Asian Fusion: My favorite restaurant at Hideaway Beach Resorts: Delicious Asian dishes from different regions of the continent.

Private Beach Dining

For a special occasion, a private beach barbecue can be booked. For this, a beautiful setup is arranged in the sand, with flowers and lanterns.
Sitting in this romantic ambience, under the open starry sky, is something very special. The four course meal, is prepared by a private chef on the grill. The food selection was good, but the amount of food was way too much for two to manage! Lunch is therefore better skipped before this special evening 😉

Résumé of our stay at the Signature Collection by Hideaway Malediven

To have an all-round good time, forget any worries and enjoy a “private island” feeling, the Signature Collection of the Beach Resort in the Maldives is the ideal choice. Rarely have I experienced being able to enjoy so much private space and undisturbed tranquility as a guest. Access to the entire island is another big plus, because while many resorts in the Maldives can be circumnavigated within 10 minutes, there is an incredible amount to discover on the island of the Hideaway Beach Resort. The snorkeling is also beautiful, which is an important factor for me when evaluating a resort.
The Signature Collection is therefore a great choice for couples as well as families and friends who want to be undisturbed during their vacation, but at the same time enjoy a wide range of activities and restaurants.

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We had a sponsored stay at the Signature Collection Maldives, which does not influence my opinion and rating about the hotel.


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